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Contents of the post is based on campus placement activities happened at IIT Kharagpur(during my batch) and post is specially for IIT students and also for others. I would like to give an overview of placement activities here and would be a simple guide to begin placement preparation for my juniors at IIT Kharagpur (specially dedicated to them and focused in their purpose).

I didn’t prepare anything for s/w profile as my interest was completely on h/w jobs (VLSI and electronics design). These are information and tips borrowed from my mates for this post.

Most of the s/w companies  which include Computer networking, application software development,also includes firmware development,Visual information processing, database, Software services companies(Brocade communication, IBM ISL, Samsung, KLA Tencor, Viz experts, Qualcomm s/w, Errricson, Intel for firmware development..many more in list)

Most important and primary :

Start CV preparation early a month before CV submission notices   on notice board(say by Oct.).. Check it often and get checked b your friends, mates because we will not be able to see our own mistakes many a times. It’s good to get it checked by others and keep improving quality of your CV.

Start preparation in as early as you can (Slow and steady wins the race.!!!) .. use plenty of online resources available.Improve upon concepts every day.

Links must be visited by a Kgpian are here: – Important companies placement and profile info for students

Prepare your answers to some of HR questions(about yourself,  challenges in life,passion, dream and how you made it come true) and with company profiles of companies of interest.

Subjects to be prepared for VIPES : C and data structures, Computer architecture and organization, Operating system design , algorithms(Sorting algorithms most important), Computer Communication networks (optional specific for networking companies) , Embedded system design and GATE syllabus(Digital will do in this).

Crack the interview— (Must – Most of the interview questions will be asked from this only)

ASCII Table — , precedence order in C are very much important.
C- Programming : 
1.  Yaswanth kanithkar + Balaguruswamy + Test your skills in C  (If you feel this is not enough then go for Dennis Ritchie text book and use it as a reference but all you need is clear concept and problem solving)
2. Practice as many questions as possible (google more interview questions on programming)
C++ Programming: 
1. Yaswanth kanithkar + Balaguruswamy +  Links (IBM website) which is given above
2. For practicing bits please find a E-book DS, C, C++, Aptitude, UNIX, RDBMS, SQL, CN, OS .
Data structures & Algorithms are also important  but i don’t have any soft copy or links for that..
Operating System:(must for all profiles)
1. Operating system by Galvin and Stallings are good reference books (check your convenience)
2. linux commands (Preferable but not necessarily)

Computer architecture and organisation: (Must for s/w and h/w profiles)

William Stallings is very good for  Computer concepts and Operating system concepts.        (make use of resources provided on this site)

and here is quick tutorial for computer architecture topics :

(I just solved problems after studying from here and slides from our Prof.Sudipta Mahapatra)

Computer Communications & Networks: Necessary if you are interested in networking area..
1. Book by Farouzon
2. Socket Programming (will becomes advantage if you knows it – will take around 2-3hr to learn it)
3  Computer Communications & Networks  @ glance .. (Farouzon Slides are available for download ) slides are useful provided if you have some basic knowledge and for quick revision.
Aptitude : R S Agarwal (sufficient) , If you feel it is not enough then for Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma(CAT Book), solve placement papers available on DC and google them out for different companies of your interest.Few company papers test your speed calculation and some your logical thinking,reasoning ability and basic aptitude which won’t need practice but basic science and maths concepts. Distribute aptitude problems and puzzles all across your preparation period and need not to be very efficient and give much of ur time on this.
          This is all about it. I have made my effort to get best of resources here. If you need anything more please feel free to mail me across .Always here..:)
Placement is all about preparation, attitude, time management and nothing more that your best effort.
“The secret of success is to be ready for opportunity when it comes”