About Rekha Govindaraj

Hello Everyone there,

To tell about myself..My name is Rekha which means a ‘LINE’  in  Sanskrit.

Yes I too agree with this name to me and I say myself  ‘A LINE‘ under construction to make straight and perfect. I  like to be perfect and always strive for that.

Though mistakes are common in Human life one who tries to correct himself and would never repeat it, is a REAL Human according to me…Well this is a kind of serious part of my introduction..

Let me tell something about my lovely,beautiful and precious life and life style…!!

It's ME

Rekha Govindaraj

I  am friendly ,jovial with everyone. I love making new.. new…. many more friends all around me and hold on to old friends whom I treasure.In simple words I like socializing and making a huge social network around me..:)

I like to spend time in learning new things  cultural,technical, philosophical and anything that makes me happy and feels worth of devoting it’s time.

I ever like to emerge as a good leader and I like to participate  in the activities  which help in nurturing  my leadership qualities and update myself to keep in pace with the world.I always like to be in technical and management teams whenever/wherever I have opportunities for both technology and leadership.

I believe in Dr.A.P.J.Kalam’s words

“Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.

“Dream is not what you see when you sleep;dream is something that doesn’t make you sleep.”

Dream is an essential ingredient to keep high aspirations, set an aim and be successful in life.These dreams are meant to be achieved but  not just to be explained as the dreams we get in  sleep.Dreams are  the assets of a high aspirant,an optimist and an achiever.

My dream is to do everything on this earth at least for a day in life.I love trying new things always and like to experience every profession on this earth. I like to learn everything in this world and be expert in at least few things.. Hope I can list them all here one day..:):)

“All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.”    – – Orison Swett Marden.

I like helping others to my best and going beyond my ways sometimes , intention will be just to make someone happy and that is how we make friends,relations and the personal network widens by itself. I believe in words “Friend in need is a Friend in deed”. I love spending time with my friends, brainstorming activities, exploring different hues of life and like to engage myself adventurous both mentally and physically activities as much as possible. I strongly believe we should be just progressing everyday and every moment, so an opportunity to be explored every moment , with every failure and success. A math puzzle can be solved in number of ways, likewise a same dream can be realised in different ways which are very subjective depending in life experiences of one. So, I just like to share the ways what I followed to conceive an idea of it for others . Yes, learning starts with imitation. We can develop innovative ideas after learning (being aware of) the ways have already been explored by others. Life is a long journey to explore ourselves, indeed  the life itself.

Blogging is a favorite hobby that I ever wanted to begin(since last few years) because here I find a way to communicate with the entire world and proper platform to share knowledge, personal perspectives and broad views especially when we don’t find an opportunity to share at the moment.New thoughts and many more ideas pop out when I start writing in silence  more than when I speak out loudly.

By blogging I find a way to share,interact,communicate and add a voice and recognize myself in my own way on huge network so called World Wide Web..:)

Today, a fine day I have started it.I proudly say I have a website on World Wide Web to locate myself..!!!!

I would be sharing anything I would feel worth sharing with others for them, also to myself. The intention of sharing  competitive exam preparation strategies and interview experiences are give a broader view, a starter guide to beginners and aspirants, certainly not to spoon-feed (I don’t think anyone can spoon feed the ways of long enduring success because I always believe in executing the things in my own way after a thorough understanding of basic questions and the whole idea of a venture.Trust me!  that’s always a successful way for really cherishing our achievement.).

There might be some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors ,in such cases- Please  bring it to my notice so that I can make necessary corrections to improve on them.

Hope it helps someone at time..!!

27 responses to “About Rekha Govindaraj

  1. Dint know u had a blog 🙂 nice intro. i loved it.. good going! keep up the work.. keep blogging :)take care..

  2. Nice Blog with good content. Keep going.

    Note- Technical posts will get u more traffic.
    Also, add the links to friends’ blogs as “Blogroll” or some other category under “Links” section in wordpress. (It’ll create a link & help us get traffic :D)

  3. hey i din know u had a blog!! i jus read ur intro, its simple sensible and full info ,surely wil make ppl to peep into ur blog a second time,,, i wish u all the success in life …..way to go..:)

  4. superb work…i like u r commitment towards students.
    technical tips and your interview experience with qualcomm has given so much information and given a way to preparation. thanks a lot… KEEP GOING AND ALL THE BEST …I AM SURE U WILL REACH THE HEIGHTS…..

  5. nice post ………mam. can you please tell me now you are in which company please. now actually i am interested for vlsi company and i will appear couple of company in dec 2012 in our college iit roorkee which portion i have to study for that ………………..

  6. HEY REKHA u r awesome and good motivator for people like me!!!! keep on sharing things about IIT…..also tell about ur proessor and ur innovative projects!!!!
    also i wanna know WHICH IS THE BEST INSTITUTION TO DO mTECH IN ECE STREAMS????? iF i got IIsc and IITb….which to choose??? whose having best plecemn and research record??? kindly reply

    • IISC and IIT.. both are good.. IISc is good for research and also IITB based on ur area of interest..!! Regarding placements: These institutes have better placements, we need to be best to give completion to grab our opportunity.. They provide good No. of opportunities..

  7. wish you i had came across your blog bfore i started my graduation….
    The time for action is now..its never too late to do something..
    -Antoine de Saint-exupery..
    keep up the good work dear..:)

  8. Hello Rekha..i am shortlisted for iisc test and interview,plz tell how shud i prepare for test and interview?

    • Not really. The skills including technical and social skills would help you further.
      If you are choosing a field of study relevant to your current job , definitely doesn’t affect your job opportunity. If you are changing field, you really have to prove yourself.

      Hope this helps.


  9. Good evening ma’am .i got direct admission in Visual Information Processing and Embedded Systems of iitkgp so ma’am i wanna know abt placements of this branch.As there is option of upgradation also so plzz tell m about placements of others also

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