IISc and IIT interviews for M.Tech admissions and MS , Ph.D Research positions

IIT and IISc tests and Interview experience after results :

I applied to IISc,IITB ,IITD,IITKgp and IITG in 2010. I have shared my experiences and also some tips here..Hope it helps you..:)

Application submissions date and admission shortlisting processes go on according the order of ranking of Institutes in India(jst my observation) ..Soon after IITs , NITs and then other local colleges within states..

First test was CEDT(Center for Electronics design and Technology) test for M.tech admissions to electronics dept.

For more information on CEDT  here.

Some of questions: Test consisted of both objective and subjective questions..!!

material used in heat sink: Aluminium

Design a digital circuit such that if number is divisible by 2 set a bit (Extra bit for indication) and reset if not.

Isometric projection of solid of which top view is given.

I remember only these many questions.
UPDATE: There is more to check here directly from the institute.

IIT Bombay interview and written test:

IITB EC dept shortlisted ranks up to 700 (EC Gate paper) and lower ranks from Electrical Gate paper students.

Written test was similar to GATE followed same GATE syllabus. Important topics are:

Fourier series and transforms, OP-Amp circuits, BJT amplifiers, Diode circuits… Almost like GATE again..!!

In interview they asked to justify our answers in written test and many more practical knowledge testing questions and experience in the field (All were screwed nicely.:P) .

And for shortlisting from written test they might have considered our profile (experience) and other skills and test performance I think because we were asked to fill a form in which they had asked about all these. It’s according to my  survey with my friends who attended interview.

IIT Kharagpur interview:

Interview was cool..:) I was bit nervous to face IIT professors but managed to make it finally.

Check out IITkgp Cut off GATE marks and interview marks of different departments :

Final Interview results IITkgp 2010

You can check out my friend Bhavadeep’s blog for more interview questions:


IISc M.S. and Ph.D interviews:

They asked about the backgrond and experience in the subjects we applied. I had applied for CEDT (agn),SERC and Electrical departments(Telecommunication and analog and Digital VLSI subjects were there), Computer science Dept. I got call from all departments (for research cut off will be low only important is experience in field and interview performance). Mathematics was important again Fourier Series and Transform here.. Z-transform, ADC..and more important is B.Tech/ any projects done so far .:)

CMOS inverter.. Plot the curve given an equation and Flip Flops (simple FF circuits and some questions about hold time , Frequency etc..) How do you find Sin and Cos using a C-program.. Algorithm..:)

solid state devices also.. can’t say tomorrow they can ask anything, nothing or even everything..:P. It depends on panel and the first impression you leave on the panel.!!!!

They test our thinking ability,practical skills,confidence and interest in the subject.

Number of professors in panel vary from 2/3 to 10 (along with few Ph.D. Students in panel sometimes).

If you are given admission which subject and  topic you choose to work on??(a question to check our interest and idea we have about research field).Be confident while mentioning this question.

Wear a smile and be confident about wat u speak and wat you answer. It is jst only ur knowledge and luck matters ..!!!

My interviews were satisfactory and finally managed to get M.S. In Computer Science department (Computer Networks).

But my interest is Embedded system and VLSI system design i.e. Electronics Hardware and by the time I got offer I had admission in IITkgp and I was happy with the course(M.Tech in VIPES.Visual Information Processing and Embedded Systems) and thought of future opportunities in IISc for Ph.D only after exploring my complete interest for research. So I chose to go with IITkgp offer.

Interest plays a major role for research(we should get more deep into subject I felt I may miss opportunity to look back at Electrnics Hardware if I choose MS in computer networks) and as we are settled in Bangalore I will always have opportunity to carry out research in IISc.

With these many thoughts and calculations in mind I landed up with M.Tech VIPES specialisation at IIT Kharagpur.

Here is what I had in mind when I decided to go with IIT than IISc. as I had spend my 2-3 days interacting with IISc and IIT guys and some of feedback from GATE Academy.

Find an useful video here to find answer to IISc or IIT when you have both in hand. I am in total agreement with his opinion and experience, also I am a eclectic to make my critical decisions.

Now in IIT Madras has tests and interviews to shortlist only for research not for M.Tech.(purely based on score). So I didn’t even visit IITM.

About IITG I didn’t attend the interview as it was far for me to travel and just didn’t go for it.!

And if you have any queries and need any help that I can do for U. Just drop a mail to rekhaatiitkgp@gmail.com.  You are always welcome..:)

Hope you enjoyed reading..:)

All the Best ..:) hope for the best..:)

Set a goal and work towards it..!!!