Forcing on all the FOUR

Today’s post is going to be about a topic I got to speak on in a soft skill training. In order to improve on a right feedback of our presentation and public speaking skills, we were all given few topics out of which I randomly chose one which sounded something related to Enthusiasm. YES..! that is same as Title of the Post : Forcing on all the FOUR.

We were given 45min lunch time meanwhile had to plan our presentation (No ppt. only verbal). Soon after  each  candidate with their selected topics in hand to mull over and to present a 3min talk, the class broke for lunch. I just checked and rechecked the probable meanings of the words from dictionary  over internet. I learned it to be perfectly going with ‘Doing something with full strength’ and what about the number 4 . With the meaning of the words in mind to  mull over the topi I just for lunch.

Yes, I got something , few key points meantime during lunch..!! Here it goes , my speech for 3min.

When I say ‘Forcing on all the four’ what is that probably comes in mind:  a Hollywood action movie? James Bond ? – These are associated with Physical strength, what I wanted convey was about mental strength , mind power and doing the best for success with our goals and dreams.:)


I am here to share 4 key steps for success, which starts from

1. setting a goal- Setting a goal which of our Passion : close to heart , keeps me loving it and finds  interesting to me , challenges me..

2. Get cor clarity of what we expect out of it, at the end of it may be materialistic or immaterial satisfaction to life, why do I do it, gains and losses.

3. Higher clarity leads better planning of the journey, makes it more confident and comfortable.

4. Persistence and perspiration till we actually make it happen not being over confident.

We can better see above points if we associate them with the business Icons, Indian Legends, strategy of a sports expert , technology expert. Even better with the Entrepreneurs. Here I recollect what I read from ‘Qualcomm Equation’ , persistence and clarity of goal set by the founders of Qualcomm made it a big success over years.

This was my speech of 3min for the day..:)Hope you enjoyed reading it now..:)


Hello world…!!!Just few thoughts and quotes for positive life..:)

This is Rekha.G ..

Here are few of My favorite words and Quotes..!!!The quotes which make our life positive..!!!!!

Be positive…Be a leader….Be Yourself….Prove Yourself…

Be Brave.. Fight for what you want.. Never give up ideas and dreams.

Failure is not a defeat it’s just an answer to something we tried ,would be a great lesson for successful future…

“A person never made a mistake never tried anything new” – Albert Einstien

Enjoy and Love life….

The world is for us to make it  and make your presence felt everywhere…

Success is nothing to do with wat u gain in life or accomplish for yourself —It’s wat u do for others “….

Fill  life with colors ..

Dream a lot and work for accomplishment of your dreams..

Life is to Express,Experience and to Establish yourself..!!

Never think of the word ‘QUIT’…Never take back the steps once put forward..!!

Arise,Awake!! and stop not until the goal is reached..- Swami Vivekananda.

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”…….

Life  is all about how we take it and what we make it here..!!!!

Live the best.. Let live the rest..!!

Always here

Rekha.G. Student, VIPES 2010

IIT kharagpur , West Bengal

India – 721302