Foldable and Reusable Cup

If you have a habit of forgetting your water bottle and coffee mug to office from home just like me and some of my friends , I was trying to figure out a simple solution for this. The problem that we have to carry a bottle or a mug is that they are space-consuming , heavy , need to be washed every time we use it. Yes, we can have a very simple foldable multi-purpose cup to address all these problems.

Also, if we can find a material which can be just rinsed with water to clean it easily with a washing agent for quick wash. Do you think this type of a cup really helps one and solves the problem of managing a coffee mug at office. This can reduce usage of plastic and paper cups as well.

This is a simple idea on my mind every time I see a paper cup used at office by my colleague friends.

Let me know what you think about this?

Share your ideas if you think it addressed the problem in better way.


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