A Dream came True: The day I got placed with Qualcomm…:):)

This is the day I got placed with Qualcomm through On campus placements at IIT Kharagpur. An awesome and the memorable , cheerful day to me..

I would like to share my interview experience and some interview tips I found useful :

Qualcomm had an online test held in 3rd week of  Nov.  which  consisted of three sections:

1. Aptitude(CAT type questions, Venn diagram based, series, mathematics with alphabets and all very simple.. )

2. Computer programming fundamentals having lots of questions on sorting algorithms and complexity, conditional loops and very basics(Questions from Test your C-skills book)

3. This is categorizing section of three profiles it offered in IIT Kharagpur. (CSE core, ECE s/w (most of DSP questions here) and VLSI). I wrote for VLSI profile as I was looking for only VLSI job. VLSI part consisted of GATE syllabus for ECE questions (Luckily on the day I brushed up GATE syllabus from GK publishers).

We got shortlist on Dec.3rd 9.40AM(interviews already started at 9AM for candidates informed on phone, I was waiting with mobile with me all the morning in hand) on the day of Qualcomm  Campus schedule. I was surprised to know I cracked it.:):)

Just got ready and ran to  Takshashila building where interviews were going on(a positive sense in mind unknowingly surrounding me  reached there with smiling face). Inquired Tnp Representative  and confirmed with the list he has and my curiosity to now how many others are shortlisted (I couldn’t read any other name when I checked notice board.So checked with him). HR person was standing just beside him but not daring to speak to him.Then TnP Rep asked if I can be accommodated for interview in Pre-lunch slot he said ‘Yes’ and asked me to report in an hour . I just stayed in Advanced VLSI lab where I work and started reading Digital electronics book by Rabaey and My project reference papers for an hour and opened Qualcomm website just checked it for familiarity(still I could remember their PPT held in November third week).

Then I returned after an hour with mentally prepared for interview. HR guy took my CV and I could see he was quite impressed with my Academic achievements, also I could here conversation going on about Acads between TnP Rep. and HR. HR guy was saying we technology companies prefer academic achievements as they believe  Excellence in Acads  directly reflect how serious you are about campus placement and Tech profile jobs.I felt good and boosted my confidence level.


28 responses to “A Dream came True: The day I got placed with Qualcomm…:):)

  1. hearty congrajulations Rekha… 🙂 am extremely happy about ur placement and the job u had dreamt of, its all becoz of ur hardwork , passion and immense dedication u have put in that has made u achieve laurels …
    i wish u all the success in ur future tooo
    keep it going

    • hey thanx a lot …really am 2 frustrated for a month due to some of my personal probs, but now after reading ur webpage…feeling quiet better.. really i will approach my best towards the point of view..thanks a lot

  2. Hi rekha.. congrats on getting placed at qualcomm..

    I have qualcomm coming fr placements this weekend… i thought of applying fr vlsi profile.. can u tell me the type of question that wer asked in the written round for the vlsi paper?

  3. Hey i came across ur blog while searching for vlsi info. I am currently in 7th sem ece at RVCE, bang. I am interested in vlsi. Which company do u think is gud for a beginner(Apart from package)? Qualcomm ctc was 15lks and it visited recently to our coll. but i cud nt attempt it because i was already placed at ittiam sys. Waiting for ur reply 🙂

    • Qualcomm , Intel, TI…many more.. But at last what I wanna conclude is all: our willingness, capability to learn , set and achieve goals.. its more of individual ability.. but very few things with organisation.. every company wanna grow, competitive and tries to get best out of its employees.. We should make use of opportunities within an organisation.. every company has its own ways of doing it..that’s it.. don’t worry much.. be a successful individual..:) All the best..:)

  4. i am a vlsi student at IITR, on November /December may be our written test is there for qualcomm. is it necessary to read c-programming for written test………please reply as soon as possible.

  5. what to read for VLSI ? Is digital electronics,verilog enough or do we have to read analog circuits …comm. systems??

  6. hi…i jus signed up to ur blog
    congratulations for ur placement…
    i am currently in 5 sem,ECE,Delhi technological university…hoping for internship at QUALCOMM.
    the book u mentioned of G.K publishers ..is that GATE GUIDE ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGG. ??

  7. In our college QUALCOMM is coming under HARDWARE profile …is dere ne other profile it offers. And what should i prepare for the HARDWARE .?

  8. as QUALCOMM is coming under hardware profile…so in written it will be
    asking ques related to digital electronics only ???

  9. thank you so much for the guidance..
    as u provided a path way for the QC ..can u please suggest the books..or the study material for TI as well for the written (intern) test and interview questions
    thank you

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your experience
    I have few queries regarding VLSI section of written test.
    1: test was more focused on digital profile ?
    2: Do they ask question on Verilog and VHDL related
    3: I heard they ask lot of questions on computer architecture and embedded system related ?

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