Tips for Electronic Hobby Projects Beginners

Hello guys, here is a small guide for beginners in electronic hobby projects.

Few important things you should know before you start your electronic project.These are the things I learned by experience and I gonna share for you. I am sure it helps you and you enjoy reading.

Things to be done:

  • First step is to come up with block diagram  of your simple electronic system(very important for clarity tin your system design )
  • Google the circuits for your system to meet requirements as per block diagram.
  • Never forget to refer data sheets and more importantly Application note provided by manufacturer
  • Keep the current and voltage ratings in design and use  wires and components accordingly.(to make sure that circuit won’t get burnt in operation).Sometimes power may be not sufficient to drive your circuit
  • Use minimum current to drive LEDs used for indication purpose in your circuit(reduce power consumed and try optimizing wherever possible ..we are engineers..!!)
  • Solder your circuits only after testing on breadboard
  • Before powering your circuit make sure all connections are proper(Otherwise it may spoil your components)
  • Make proper soldering (always use flux for firm solder).
  • Respect electricity- Don’t use wet hands and be safe.
  • Here are few good E-books for you guys. Just have a look before you begin your project

Check out  resources:   A book for beginners.

Electronics For You – Projects and Ideas 2000

Electronics Projects For Dummies

Here is  your first exercise Power Supply Design.

Enjoy Electronics..:)

Make and break circuits..!!!