About VIPES specialisation at IITkgp

I am a 2010-12 batch master degree student of Electrical and Electronics Communication engineering department at IIT kharagpur. My area of  specialization in Masters  is Visual information Processing and Embedded systems which is in short VIPES.

After completing one year in academia of  VIPES at IIT kharagpur I would like to share some of the information about my specialization.I still remember my first Registration day in IITkgp and my first foot step to Kharagpur Junction Railway station.

VIPES is very good branch for those who are interested in these areas:  Image and Video processing, Biomedical Image processing, Computer networks, and Embedded systems.

I just brief out course details:

The first Professor you would meet is our Faculty adviser Prof.Santanu Chattopadhyay. He is very good and very helpful for the students.

First semester:

Theory: Two core subjects ,2 labs and 3 more elective subjects among the electives 1 is Humanity ans Social Science dept. subject.Core subjects are

1> Embedded systems Design..Reference book  is Embedded-System-Design-Marwedel

2> Image Processing .. Reference books a).Fundamentals o DIP Gonzalez & Woods.We followed video lectures available on NPTEL.

Data structures ,Architectural Design of ICs(ADIC) and Advanced Computer Architecture, Digital signal processing,Machine Intelligence  are the electives mostly chosen by VIPES students as they are suitable for VIPES specialzation.

Humanity and social Science subject are quite good like Logical Reasoning,Inter personal Communication,Business communication  and others.

My elective from HSS was Logical Reasoning and from EC were ADIC and Digital Signal processing.I enjoyed all the subjects especially Embedded systems , ADIC theory and Embedded systems  Laboratory.

Labs we had Embedded system design as I said above and Digital Image processing.

Embedded system design lab we studied ARM controllers ,ported RTOS on ARM7 LPC2129.

Digital Image processing is also very much interesting with Image rotation,enhancement in transformed and non-transformed  domain study.We did most of C programming for all these.

Duration of a semester will be for 4-5 months and it was all over by the time I gotta know what’s VIPES in IITkgp.Finally that was all fine and successfully done..:)

After a mini winter project for the month of December second semester started on Dec.28 and it’s one more memorable  registration as that was on my Birthday.

Telling about course content we had 2 core subjects , 1  laboratory and 4 more elective subjects.

Core subjects: 1) Pattern Recognition and

2) Computer Networks .

Both core subjects are very interesting subjects.There were not many electives to choose, finally opted Low Power Circuits and Systems(LPCS), Artificial Intelligence,Advanced Operating systems and  Design & Analysis of Algorithms.

Some of classmates selected Advanced Image Processing, Biomedical Image processing.

Laboratory:  Computer networks Lab where we implemented Data Link Layer and Network Layer protocols in C.

More about VIPES check out  VIPES Brochure.

Meanwhile our project allocations were done almost in the mid of second semester. Guides were allotted according to our  preferences given and ranks, but list was tentative. Later it can be changed but all within stipulated time. Many of us approached the Professors according to our interest in respective areas of interest. Check Faculty directory for these information.

Now I have successfully finished my first year and stated with M.tech Thesis work as well.Now I am working under the guidance of Prof.Indranil Sen Gupta(CSE dept.) and Prof.Santanu Chattopadhyay(Our Fac-Ad). My work is all about Computer Security i.e. Validate program execution during Run time for security of the system.It’s interesting and many more new things to be learned and be implemented.

Admissions are going on for different courses.So it’s the time to welcome juniors to IIT kharagpur

Welcome  Guys..:) All the best to your new life in IIT..:) Make it the most memorable and Successful..!!