I started Reading ….!!

Today morning 9am I just woke up and it’s vacation time after exams at IIT, Kharagpur. I was just bored of sitting in front of my laptop every morning ,so wanted to start the day with something else and more interesting ..:) Moved my eyes all around my room thinking of what to do.!!

My room mate had a book on her table and many times before she had suggested me to read it. The book is ‘Tiya’ , A parrot’s Journey Home. Line about it on it’s bind “For the first time i have read a great book in the past five years ”  from Dr.A.P.J.Kalam ,whom I respect the most as a Politician and a Scientist. So, It provoked me to read it…  just started reading.

The book is really a fantastic and a simple story book.It’s all about a parrot which is bored of living in same old banyan tree with other birds and ancestors. It embarks on an adventure to fly away to the External large World but soon turns out to be series of misadventures it’s experiences with people in Play ground , with the Fays , with the Zarys(people whose body gets solidified proportional to their anger and habit is to spit at others)… so on…then he eventually turns homeward. Also on return journey learns many things about himself.

Tiya , a Parrot's Journey Home

Tiya, A parrot’s Journey Home by Samarpan,a monk

When I read Part1 I felt  it’s very much close to me .. ah.. ah..!! it’s not that I wanted to fly away from home but I like changes , being adventurous and different things to try everyday in life. Being adventurous and new things keep the life more spicy and lively..!!!

I found middle part of story is bit boring as Parrot regrets for it being different and would have been as same as everyone and it’s decision of leaving the banyan tree..!!!!

And again the at the end of the story it’s all Parrot turns to be different and feels proud of himself!!

This is very nice and simple story book  I read. Enjoyed reading..:)