Save Earth..!!!

Saving the Earth is each and every one’s responsibility..!! This is the time otherwise Earth is going to be hell..!!!

This is a very small effort from my side to create awareness and awake ourselves to save out Earth and Natural resources( which includes vegetation more importantly..)

Here are  few tips to be followed by everyone and I am following few and trying to incorporate some more(few received across an Email) .. Please pay attention..!!

Try  to reduce the usage of polythene and any other Non Eco-friendly  materials..Think how you can reuse them instead of buying new ones and creating non-biodegradable waste.

  • Carry your own bags to market and avoid asking for polythene covers,packs in shopping.
  • Manage electronic wastes: Use re-chargeable batteries for wall clocks and any battery powered electronic goods.
  • Use the pens which you can refill ink and reuse it’s plastic body.Don’t use ‘use and throw’ plastic pens.Pencils are even more better..:)
  • Plastic bags these days indeed come in bright and flamboyant colours and tempt us to take them home with us. But the saying, “Appearances are deceptive” holds true for these plastic things too. Next time, hold back  or go prepared to counter temptation with a cloth bag.

  • As an Electronic hobbyist I would like to say reuse the wires,small electronic components components instead of buying new ones.
  • Try to segregate the different kinds of waste into Bio-Degradable (Fruit or   vegetable waste) , Recyclable (waste Paper, paper products) and Electronics (Floppy disks, CD-ROMS ). Once you have segregated your thrash, look for specialized trash cans to throw them away.

Most importantly :

Conserve natural resources like petrol,diesel, gasoline ,petroleum gas..etc..

  • Use you vehicles one and only if its necessary
  • Use public transport as much as possible
  • Don’t heat food often unnecessarily
  • Remember to turn off lights, computers, fans/AC before leaving office/meeting/conference rooms.

Conserve water: Every drop of water is precious..!!!!

  • make sure taps are closed when u leave kitchen,bathrooms, toilet ..etc
  • Reuse water after washing cloths to clean bathrooms and toilets – don’t pour it to drain.
  • Grow plants as many as possible.

scroll down for more:

 There is a cute small round press button at the bottom right corner of almost all monitors: Please make use of this.

  • Stop printing out Harry Porter, Jeffrey Archer and other e-books. This is a classic example of paper wastage.
  • If you have forgotten to give double-side prints, make sure you make use of the empty sides as scribbling pads or for your kids’ imposition
  •   Take two minutes from your busy schedule before hurrying back home to shut down the computer.
Try to minimize the use of horns. Honking has drastically increased and this adds to the noise pollution and does not provide a conducive environment to live in.
Update: This is the message from Dr.A.P.J.Kalam . If every person thinks in this perspective ‘what I waste is not only  money but it’s National waste’ and try avoiding wastage of resources , this would be a great step to SAVE Earth..!!
Take few minutes to learn about topics like ‘Global Warming’ , ‘Air / Noise /Land / Water Pollution ‘ etc apart from constant surfing of News, Latest Gadgets, Movies and Music.The Earth has already become a dangerous place to live in for the animals and birds. Soon it might be our turn. So let’s pledge to save our beautiful planet so that you and your future generations can live happily and peacefully ever after.

 Save the Planet

Running a half empty machine, taking a bath instead of a shower or leaving the light on for no reason destroys the planet. Remember: turn your monitor off along with the computerunplug chargers if you don’t use them and use water wisely.

A bit of attention can go a long way!