VLSI Technical Interview

1. What is your passion,dream and what is that you did to pursue it?

My dream was to get into Electronics core job with reputed company and I realized best of Electronics jobs are given to IITians and so made a decision to go for M.Tech only in IITs. and did it. Feel proud of it..:)

2. What is dynamic power and what are other power  dissipation components in CMOS circuits..

3. sub threshold Leakage and factors it depends on??

Ans: Temperature and technology

4. Finite state machines : What is Moore and Mealy machine?

5. Sequence  detector as Moore and Mealy machine..Made me do complete sequential design..

6.  XOR gate using Mux again….Realize AND gate using XOR..

I tried AND gate truth table and also for XOR gate, was  trying if I can relate outputs and derive AND gate o/p in terms of XOR gate o/p. I asked again .. Sir ,can I use other Gates.. He said ‘NO’.. after sometime he said.. It’s ok Rekha it’s not possible as XOR is not universal gate and then he asked what are universal gates and when do we say a gate is universal?..

7. Pipelining and what’s throughput ..I started with a block of X ns delay and I split into X/S ns individual blocks I can improve throughput..This is pipelining..Now,  What’s maximum frequency achievable and what’s the overall effect on performance(Increases Throughput but Latency increased due to Register delays)..

I was given pipeline blocks in the order 1ns,5ns,2ns and 1ns blocks pipelined.Can we optimize it anymore(He was expecting any optimization power,area or delay) but I am still thinking on delay optimization .. I said delay optimization is not possible further unless we use parallelism ..then he said there are three important optimization constraints in electronic system.I got what was his expectation and answered  if we club last two 2ns and 1ns blocks we can optimize area..’Good’ ..

Tip: Give descriptive answers and speak out whatever you are thinking and idea running in your mind..

This was success story of the day and loads of congratulations from all friends and hostel mates..:)

I thank  IIT kharagpur and all my seniors who helped with placements preparation( CV preparation, written tests preparation, interviews review, honest opinion on CV  and timely advice and information) and for all their guidance, suggestion and everything..!!!! Thank you all..:)

Finally I am into a reputed company with a dream job profile..A Great day in my life.. Cheerful moments..:):)