A thought: Can motivational books inspire one??

Yes..!! I would like to share my thought on : Can motivational books like ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne , ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera , ‘Wings of fire’: an autobiography, lots of books by Robin Sharma and Napolean Hill ,really inspire one and do a successful job of nurturing leadership qualities, brings positive attitude in a person?.. Not only  books for that matter, motivational speech by best of business icons, writers, scientists, a school teacher to students in class..etc..etc..
One day I was just having usual conversation with one of my neighbors : a software engineer by profession. We started sharing about the books we read. just a day before  I had purchased few books , one among those is ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera. So, naturally I mentioned it to him and asked if he likes to read it? . What he said is “It’s all lots of preaching in these books Rekha..!! I don’t like to read them..!!” .

With the incident question started bothering is : How do others get this opinion on which I really find very motivating, highly inspiring and influencing..!? Why the opinion differs ? how and why? .. Just gave some time to think over this.!!! You got my answer here: YES..!! A book, a speech can influence one to the extent to create miracles in one’s life.:):) Let me just support myself..!!

When we read a story, listened a tale from our granny and teachers during childhood we enjoyed so much, even today we enjoy reading a novel ,fictional or non-fictional stories.. But we can’t enjoy reading these motivational books instead finds them boring and preaching irrespective of great narration by biggest motivational speakers of this World.. WHY?

It’s because we won’t visualize what we read as we do it with a story. When we read a story or a novel we try to visualize characters in it, feel them, experience them..So , we enjoy them. Thinking of this analogy with inspirational books, in those books only character is its reader.Complete discussions on points revolve all around him. Its his strong will support the facts in the book.Just try putting in a little more effort in visualizing the things when you read a motivational book or listen something motivational.

Specially what I found with ‘You Can Win’ and ‘The Secret’ is that each and every point they make is strongly supported with the real examples.

I like to share something from ‘You Can Win’ which I recently read:

Two examples given in the book about confidence within us while striving for success and  the other is about struggle to make for it,all that we gain and lessons we learn with it, all at the end we become even more stronger mentally, physically, emotionally to achieve much more.

The first example is on a Aeroplane company: Lockheed introduced a plane. Before its release to ensure the safety and testing the strength of the jetliner , the organization exposed the plane to roughest possible treatment for 18 months, a program that cost $1.5billion. Hydraulic jacks, electronic sensors, and a computer put the aeroplane through its paces for more than 36,000 simulated flights, without any single malfunction. Finally after thousands of tests, aircraft was given the seal of approval.

The point made with this example is the organization had all the reason to be positive to give seal of approval because of all its effort put into the preparation..!!!

So, preparation gives confidence..!! When we take up a risk that means that you are confident of going with it, well prepared to plunge into it and positive about its results. There is similar analogy for risk given by the author is Risk taker v/s a Gambler. A Gambler takes risk without preparation, without being confident but a true winner/risk-taker knows to play with it very well prepared and confident.
The later example I told is about an example given by teacher to his students:

A biology teacher teaching his students how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.I just give gist of it. If we help caterpillar to come out of cocoon without struggling for it on its own, it lacks the strength it gains during the process and dies because of that. So, we shouldn’t depend on or follow shorter ways to achieve  success instead challenge and make it with own efforts. Victory gained with self struggle remains with us and we will be able to retain that with us till the end to make the best out of it.

Don’t you think these lessons, analogies teach us great lessons to make a successful life. What we gain by visualizing ourselves as character of these stories is indispensable and commendable.

Hope the argument makes sense and you enjoyed reading it..:) You are most welcome for any comments and to express your perspective..:) Share  it here.

Set a goal..Set your way to beat it..:) All the best.:)

                                         —- Rekha Govindaraj


Best the Documentation best will be the preparation

When we have to start preparation for a competitive exam, a small test, interview..anything for that matter.. all that we need is what to prepare with to assure that we succeed?

So, all that best preparation comes with best documentation of what to prepare , how to prepare, what to focus more(proritising the things) on.This is what all I want to share today..!!

So long I was a student whose full time job is only to learn and learn than focusing on outcomes. Specially, I was a kind of independet girl always when it comes to studies : Never ..never depend on cooked study materials and I always prepare myself one for me.!! I myself can’t believe that I always used to do this..!!But YES.!! I used..!! Hardly depend on Group studies with friends. Can even say almost no time..!! Good or Bad I used to be that and enjoyed the same. It certainly doesn’t mean I don’t share knowledge , I love doing that and I always do. Sharing knowledge is my pleasure and I search for one to share with many times..!!

Those days I used to spend half of my preparation time in making documentation: lots of research and survey on what I need to focus on to make my preparation smart and best.!! Even today I feel the same!!

I just kicked off with my professional corporate life where in final outcome is more important that what your knowledge is.Here all that we have is lots of resources available but very few guidelines on what you need to know exactly to accomplish your task: the thing is that resource is huge that you will be lost if you try to learn everything. In this scenario we need to be smart worker than a hard worker to lessen our burden and work pressure.

Here I like to quote “Hard work never kills but why to take risk.!!” :):)

It sounds very true to me  in this corporate life. No doubt hard work always pays and we will succeed but once we cross a stage of life we have less time to work hard and we have to accommodate lot many things in the same amount of time as we had in our student lives. So, to make it all that we need is smart work, good people around us to exchange knowledge with. Specially, here all that helps is best documentation of what to focus on and prepare thorough for challenging work tomorrow.

So, all that we need is BEST DOCUMENTATION for the BEST preparations and assured success of that.

You are most welcome share your views and experiences on this. I love to hear from different people, thoughts.

Thank for your time on reading my blog,


Kgp Crunchhhhh….!!!! My student life @IITKgp.:)

I joined Indian Institute of  Technology, Kharagpur as Post-Grad in the academic year 2010-11. In a month I will be passing out from this stupendous IIT. I would like to share student life I spent here , which I feel most valuable days for my life..

Main Building, IIT Kharagpur- My heaven and A sacred place of India

      An IIT creates environment where one can just open up feathers to fly to the height of the sky, unleash themselves to make their best in life. The Institute provides a plenty of opportunities for one to grow in all best aspects of life. One should be keen, smart and intellect enough to make the best out of these opportunities. I feel great to be a part of this great institute is a life time opportunity. It changed me and my life significantly  and has made me realize my strengths and values. Institute has a great powers to bring significant change ones life making it more competent and rewarding. I may sound very partial to the one sees IITs only in the perspective of its placements to get opportunities of lucrative job to add materialistic values to life. I have predilection towards capability of IIT life and environment to strengthen one mentally to confront challenges in real life than making making only theoretically knowledgeable. In deed, important for one to survive in this competitive world.

   I am very socializing and friendly being, always like to make many more friends and that is what I asset ‘Friendship’. I have learned a lot into my life from my friends at IITkgp. Friends take a major role in what am I today. They make best part of my life at Kharagpur.

   Also I like to remain as very active person in all my surroundings and to leave a remark of my existence. The inherent nature of mine made to take up few responsibilities at IIT campus life and in turn contributed much into my career path.

When I came as a fresher to the Insti, I am almost nothing, other than having lots of dreams in life to fulfill about my engineering profession and responsible human being to the society (as a daughter, student and a social being). IIT gave me all the opportunities to make them all true and filled me with all positive thoughts to make my dreams come true. Institute provides an environment, successful enough to take out the best out of one.

Then I just started making friends without whom we can’t survive anywhere on this Earth. Trust me..its very tough to find a friend in this competitive place in beginning , it takes time..!!! I used to miss family, friends from home town a lot..!!home sick for some days.. But always pretend as I am happy in new place to my family, otherwise parents start worrying..:) In this part of stay only Fresher parties, a change in life, life style, new culture, new environment kept me busy along with my studies. Spending all study time in Central library of the institute and rest of the time either in room or classes..I don’t even know to ride a cycle. Only I know how much I used to miss to roam all around this huge campus..Ya.. I learned to ride cycle in our DP(Durga Puja) vacation with the help of my neighbor and friend Swetha. Like this a semester passed on..

After first semester I could find some friends for myself… Sheela, Sakshi, Santosh, Sanyam, Vasudev, Guru, Swetha and Rucha are the best to mention here.Along with friendly classmates..Also friends from Robotix society TRS at IITkgp., Kannada group,IITkgp, MT hall (my hostel) boarders,my seniors. These people  made life more interesting at IIT. I had learnt cycling as well..the student journey at IIT actually begins this onwards.

I joined ThinkInnoventions, an electronics start-up at IITkgp by students there as a Think-Expert into R&D team to develop Digital pen technology. I find new set of IIT guys into innovation and start up venture. I was inspired, found  new opportunity, another perspective of IIT here.

Lessons I learned @IITkgp:

1. Stop complaining .. start accepting your surrounding and make the best with it..

2. Fight for what you want, your passion and dream..

3. Never give up in life

4.  How to make  friends and be with them.

5. As long as we are right, good; we win.. Be good, do good .. good things will follow..

6. Learned to say ‘NO’ when I want to say..You may think it’s not so great but it’s tough job to say ‘NO’ many a time and most important. I like to share a incident here happened when I was in third semester during placements in the end of  November.. Tech General championship very first event of the year. .Trying myself hard to get participation from MT hall being Technology General  Secretory in Hall council mean while so much busy for placement preparation.. and no one is ready to take up responsibility as captain for the event and participate.. Can’t help had to say ‘No participation’ from our side.. I never prefer backing off however tough the situation may go..!!! But , this time I had to do that..

7. Work for passion, it automatically takes you where you deserve to be.

8. The love that we give away is the love that we keep…:)

9. Forgive and forget , give and take policies : How true..!!!! How important it is to forget and forgive…!!

Many more personal development within myself as I could see in myself now.. Started enjoying , loving as never ever before..

I fall short of words to express my gratitude to the Institute.

More importantly I realized my potential to achieve my goals, make my dreams true.

Dreams and goals are very important to make life worth living..

Thank you Indian Institute of Technology , Kharagpur for all that you have given me..I am grateful through out my life for what you have made me today..

I wish this great institute be a great place to many more people like me.

IITKgp ka tempo high hai..!!!!!!!!!Yo IITKgp..!! IITKgp rocks..!!!

Placement preparation Software profile jobs

Contents of the post is based on campus placement activities happened at IIT Kharagpur(during my batch) and post is specially for IIT students and also for others. I would like to give an overview of placement activities here and would be a simple guide to begin placement preparation for my juniors at IIT Kharagpur (specially dedicated to them and focused in their purpose).

I didn’t prepare anything for s/w profile as my interest was completely on h/w jobs (VLSI and electronics design). These are information and tips borrowed from my mates for this post.

Most of the s/w companies  which include Computer networking, application software development,also includes firmware development,Visual information processing, database, Software services companies(Brocade communication, IBM ISL, Samsung, KLA Tencor, Viz experts, Qualcomm s/w, Errricson, Intel for firmware development..many more in list)

Most important and primary :

Start CV preparation early a month before CV submission notices   on notice board(say by Oct.).. Check it often and get checked b your friends, mates because we will not be able to see our own mistakes many a times. It’s good to get it checked by others and keep improving quality of your CV.

Start preparation in as early as you can (Slow and steady wins the race.!!!) .. use plenty of online resources available.Improve upon concepts every day.

Links must be visited by a Kgpian are here:

http://placements.scholarsavenue.org/ – Important companies placement and profile info for students


Prepare your answers to some of HR questions(about yourself,  challenges in life,passion, dream and how you made it come true) and with company profiles of companies of interest.

Subjects to be prepared for VIPES : C and data structures, Computer architecture and organization, Operating system design , algorithms(Sorting algorithms most important), Computer Communication networks (optional specific for networking companies) , Embedded system design and GATE syllabus(Digital will do in this).

Crack the interview—   http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~rrv/updated%20cracktheinterview/www.cracktheinterview.com/adfaqpublish.html (Must – Most of the interview questions will be asked from this only)

ASCII Table —  http://www.lucidtechnologies.info/ascii.htm , precedence order in C are very much important.
C- Programming : 
1.  Yaswanth kanithkar + Balaguruswamy + Test your skills in C  (If you feel this is not enough then go for Dennis Ritchie text book and use it as a reference but all you need is clear concept and problem solving)
2. Practice as many questions as possible (google more interview questions on programming)
C++ Programming: 
1. Yaswanth kanithkar + Balaguruswamy +  Links (IBM website) which is given above
2. For practicing bits please find a E-book DS, C, C++, Aptitude, UNIX, RDBMS, SQL, CN, OS .
Data structures & Algorithms are also important  but i don’t have any soft copy or links for that..
Operating System:(must for all profiles)
1. Operating system by Galvin and Stallings are good reference books (check your convenience)
2. linux commands (Preferable but not necessarily)

Computer architecture and organisation: (Must for s/w and h/w profiles)

William Stallings is very good for  Computer concepts and Operating system concepts.

http://williamstallings.com        (make use of resources provided on this site)

and here is quick tutorial for computer architecture topics :

(I just solved problems after studying from here and slides from our Prof.Sudipta Mahapatra)

Computer Communications & Networks: Necessary if you are interested in networking area..
1. Book by Farouzon
2. Socket Programming (will becomes advantage if you knows it – will take around 2-3hr to learn it)
3  Computer Communications & Networks  @ glance .. (Farouzon Slides are available for download ) slides are useful provided if you have some basic knowledge and for quick revision.
Aptitude : R S Agarwal (sufficient) , If you feel it is not enough then for Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma(CAT Book), solve placement papers available on DC and google them out for different companies of your interest.Few company papers test your speed calculation and some your logical thinking,reasoning ability and basic aptitude which won’t need practice but basic science and maths concepts. Distribute aptitude problems and puzzles all across your preparation period and need not to be very efficient and give much of ur time on this.
          This is all about it. I have made my effort to get best of resources here. If you need anything more please feel free to mail me across  rekha.graj@gmail.com .Always here..:)
Placement is all about preparation, attitude, time management and nothing more that your best effort.
“The secret of success is to be ready for opportunity when it comes”

VLSI Technical Interview questions

1. What is Mux? explain..

I started explaining from a block diagram very patiently.

2. What is adder?  I stated from truth table and derived Sum , carry equations arrived at gate level realization.

3. Adder using Mux.I was bit confused .. I just wrote using 4:1 mux because I didn’t want to scramble with such simple question I just did as if I understood question as using 4:1 (I knew he is expecting using 2:1.. it was trick)

Then he asked me you do it using 2:1,but by then I had got some time fr myself..happens in interviews sometimes we get to struggle with simple questions.Then I did it using 2:1 Mux.

4. AND gate using Mux , OR gate using Mux.

5. What is latch and flip flop. Difference.

then he gave me clock and data timing diagram ,told me to draw output  for FF and latch. I assumed some delay for FF  and completed. I explained while drawing and kept interview interactive as much as possible.(it’s a trick any interviewers likes to hear more from you. .speak and speak it also builds confidence within you)..

6. draw counter : I selected to draw very simple  2-bit up counter and started drawing FF, I got doubt I asked him if Synch/Asynch counter. He told ‘Anything.. OK.. draw.. Synch counter. I tried using DFF not getting..(??) then immediately changed to TFF counter.. Then he asked me to draw using DFF. I said ‘Yes Sir I can'(speak positive though you don’t know immediately and take time to answer..)

Then I was trying with some mind calculation to get Q1Q0 as 00,01,10,11…I kept saying him whatever I was thinking in my mind.Then he interrupted and said me ‘Rekha, do you know a systematic approach for this ,if so try that.. ‘.. he was about to say States…But I got it by then and started explaining myself and completed counter design as a sequential machine.

7. Mod-2 counter the same way.. I did everything again sequential design..

8. What is set-up and hold time?What happens if not satisfied(Ans: Metastability word should come here)

9. Given a Flip Flop circuit how to determine maximum operable frequency..

I told (1/(Setup time+Flop delay)).. he expected it to be max(hold time, Flop delay). He asked me again and again what if delay is 0 and then immediately told my  previous answer is based on the assumption (hold time)< (Flop delay).

and we have to take max(hold time, Flop delay) in case of no assumption.

10. It’s a tricky and a new question to me: You have a digital system designed which has got set up time and hold time violations , you are allowed to fix only one problem(setup or hold) which one you choose and why?

I thought for sometime and drew some clock edges and marked set up and hold times.Tried to explain whatever I know.Interviewer was happy for the attempt and the explanation.

Updated Ans: generally setup time and hold time violations are very very serious concerns in the design.so if there are any setup/hold violations they are identified during the timing analysis (99.99999 % coverage is done for timing)… during the timing analysis if there is any setup violation, it can be avoided by adding clock buffers in the clock path or removing data buffers in the data path or some changes can be made to the design itself… similarly if there is a hold violation, clock buffers are removed or data buffers are added or design can be modified……
if by any chance once the chip is fabricated with:
1) setuptime violation: the way to function it properly is to reduce the frequency (basically by reducing the frequency of the clock u r increasing the time period and trying to avoid the setup violation).
2) hold violation: u cannot make any tweaks to function it properly, basically the chip goes in to trash…
so out of the two violations, hold violation is more dangerous.

Now my Tech questions over. he asked me two puzzles:

1. Balance puzzle

I just wrote down the puzzle on paper in detail with a figure of balance also..( to make him think you analyze things systematically and ant tech person will like that approach ). Here my interview skill won than my analysis/approach..So be tactful while answering questions both easy and tough..!!!!!!!Try to be more descriptive and interact no matter whether you land up with answer or not..But you find answers most of times when you solve problems interactively..

2. 125 small cubes given, make a big cube using  those and  all 6 faces of new cube panted red ,then how many faces of small cubes are painted??(This is new to me)

Then again I wrote down the problem.. started actually analyzing it.. thought of 5^3 =125 also.. wrote in a corner.. and thought again if I can say him immediately answer. No I ws not confident of my answer so just took more time..still thinking then he said do you know integration and imagine in 3D the cubes and try.. ” I said “Yes Sir I used to love integration in maths.. but don’t remember it exactly or a systematic way. ..”

He said “that’s fine Rekha we will wind up here I like to meet you in second round , you give me your answer then.. don’t ask friends.. think o your own..Nice to meet you .. pls come after lunch”..

Done with first round of Technical..Second round.

Facts after college life..!!

These are words by a storyteller in www.iitstories.com by name Abhay Shukla.

I felt the same and fortunately I had realized the eighth point mentioned by Mayank in Comments in College days and I used to share with my friends as well.(That after passing out we will have the entire world fighting with us not only my college friends with whom we compete for good marks and in other aspects..!!!! ). This is what helped to follow my dreams to work only for an Electronics Company not compromising with some software job in IT hub ,My city Bangalore. Finally I made decision for higher studies only in IIT/IISc reputed institutes of India and place of abundant opportunities for an optimist like me..!!!

I just wanna share his words again here..

Things I Learned After College

Dreams have shattered, life has hit rock bottom, once floating in the air with wings, i have passed out of college and living in a real world.

People say college days are the best days of life, i cannot agree more to any other fact but this that it is a lie. College days are unreal days, where you make friends, spend your parents money, study when you feel like and watch a lot of tv series and movies and still you get away with decent grades.

The first thing that i learned after getting out was that i am not as smart as i thought and there are a lot of people willing to do good work. And i would only be lucky if i manage to compete them.

Second thing i learned was that people, a lot of people, are working for their dreams and they are persistent enough to make them true. I used to think i would get out and do the work i want. I wanted to dictate life on my terms. Well usually that does not happen, you have to struggle and that is true. The saying that there is no substitute to hard work is indeed true.

Third, experience matters. You may be brilliant but you forget to account the uncertainties that cloud the practical world. You have to learn to deal with them and you learn them by experience only.

Fourth, money may not be real but it is important and it is really hard to get. You really have to prove yourself to be worthy of the money because the men paying you have also proved themselves and they just can’t let their money just slip into your hands.

Fifth, setbacks are important. If you do find yourself lacking at anything, at any point of time, it is an opportunity to better yourself. It is a gap that has to be filled to bring more confidence in you.

Sixth, once you are out there, amongst the other people, surrounded by them, competing with them, you just cannot give up. There is no hope not even a glimmer if you do.

      Written by: Abhay Shukla

Comments :

Mayank Gupta · Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

Seventh, there are many other skills besides intelligence which matter equally, if not more in the real world.Eighth, the set of people you will interact with in real world is much larger than college, with different ways of thinking. You may think that you have great understanding of people while in college, but u will find out that what you were dealing with was a very small subset of people, and people vary much more.

Me:  “Follow your dreams and work only for what your heart  says”..
Original post here..

Twin days jubilation @ IITkgp(21st and 22nd of Aug.2011)

Our institute, IITkgp celebrated two occasions on two consecutive days, so I want to call them  as  ‘Twin days of  jubilation’.

Two occasions were ‘Diamond Jubilee of Institute‘ and ’57th Convocation’.

Diamond Jubilee is successful completion of 60 years(1951-2011) of the largest, glorious and most prestigious Institute of India. I feel so proud  be part of such an Institute and to be part of this memorable celebration of success.

Every years thousands of engineers,Research scholars,Entrepreneurs are precious resource that Institute contributes to the Nation.

On the day IITkgp ha put up 2011 largest wall calendar which consists of all current and 2011 convocation students on it arranged according to respective Birthdays. It was an appreciable, innovative, exiting idea and so great about the creater.It was an indispensable moment to search and locate our photos on the calendar..:):)

Celebration of the day started with Diamond jubilee Curtain raising in evening , then ETMS(Eastern Technology Music Society) and TDS(Technology Dance Society) production followed by Laser show by MIT .

It was awesome fun that full evening along with special dinner at night.Specialty about this Convocation special dinner is that all the hostels of Institute will prepare same menu and it’s time to show their mess food quality and different tastes.students cam have their food in any of Hall food stalls. Moreover it’s like Reunion for all senior batch students and all students of institute get together for dinner.

2011 largest wall calendar at IITkgp.

Diamond jubilee curtain Raising program

Reunion Dinner Hall counters

All students had lots of fun..:)I specially thank Institute and the designer for the B’day calendar.It was a biggest surprise to see our photos on the largest wall calendar and a pleasure to search our own and friends’ photos..:)

Next day (22th Aug.2011)it was all a greatest moment of  joy to all 2011 passed out IITkgp studentsi.e Convocation.Every lane has banner “Welcome Degree Recipients to 57th Convocation of the Institute”.I can’t just have no words to describe joy and happiness  on the day  for degree recipients.

Dr.Manmohan Singh,Prime Minister of India was Chief guest for Convocation day.I have shared some of pics captures around campus ,ready to welcome Prime Minister.Military force, heli-captors in campus.Meanwhile I could meet many of my seniors after a long time and had quality time with some of them.I thank them for their time with us..:)

infront of TOAT

Convocation was arranged in Tagore Open Air Theater(TOAT). There was live telecasting of the event in all hostels and auditoriums in campus(Nehru and Raman Auditoriums),only Degree recipients along with two other companions with them were allowed inside theater. Some of streets were blocked for security and discipline in campus in presence of PM at IITkgp.

For more photos check out this link.

Finally all  joy of celebration should come to an end. By evening everything in campus was back to normal.Again a day began back to as usual day to day IIT life.

Even after 60 years of it’s foundation, IIT kharagpur is th largest and glorious Institute of India. I feel so proud to part of the Institute specially to stay here during Diamond Jubilee of Institute.

Proud to say “I am an IITkgpian”