Foldable and Reusable Cup

If you have a habit of forgetting your water bottle and coffee mug to office from home just like me and some of my friends , I was trying to figure out a simple solution for this. The problem that we have to carry a bottle or a mug is that they are space-consuming , heavy , need to be washed every time we use it. Yes, we can have a very simple foldable multi-purpose cup to address all these problems.

Also, if we can find a material which can be just rinsed with water to clean it easily with a washing agent for quick wash. Do you think this type of a cup really helps one and solves the problem of managing a coffee mug at office. This can reduce usage of plastic and paper cups as well.

This is a simple idea on my mind every time I see a paper cup used at office by my colleague friends.

Let me know what you think about this?

Share your ideas if you think it addressed the problem in better way.


Find command in your perl script

If you want to search a particular file in a complex directory structure we have Unix command ‘find’ . I have been using this quite a sometime. But, I wanted to incorporate this feature in my perl script – this is bit challenging and didn’t find on any of the sites, don’t know if I missed any important sites.! you can point me if so.

Well , I still could get basic information on this in perl documentation. I am adducing important sites I referred.

Just read about wanted function in the document above and more importantly these variables used.

  • $File::Find::dir is the current directory name,
  • $_ is the current filename within that directory
  • File::Find::name is the complete pathname to the file.

Just tweaked these sample scripts as per my requirement. I am sharing my script here with the explanation inline.


use File::Find;  ## perl module . please use appropriate version of perl software

my $dir=”.”;  ## you can choose your directory

### find command to find .v and .libs in the directory – any search pattern is possible to use ..CHARM..:)

### Subroutine executed on your each of file/directory parsed by above find command

sub test_name
#print $File::Find::name if -f;
#print “$File::Find::name \n”
#if($File::Find::name =~ m/.*\.v$/ ){
if($File::Find::name =~ m/.*\.v$/ | $File::Find::name =~ m/.*\.lib$/)  {
print “$File::Find::name \n” ;  ##prints file name

## prints size of the file in bytes

print $size{$File::Find::name}=-s if -f;
print “\n”;
Hope it helped .. Enjoy scripting..:) Comment if you are trying out something like this, would love to check it. 🙂

Rajeev Motwani: There wasn’t a startup he didn’t love

Go For It....

Rajeev Motwani, wanted to study mathematics and become another Gauss! His father, however, persuaded him to study computer science. Little did he know how closely the two are related? He graduated with B.Tech. in computer science from IITK in 1983 and PhD from Berkeley in 1988.  Rajeev was a wise theoretician that had the rare knack and desire to turn theory into practical applications. Whenever you use a piece of technology, there is a good chance a little bit of Rajeev Motwani is behind it.

Rajeev played an important role in the founding of Google 15 years ago. He was snatched away from us on June 5, 2009, at the age of 47, in a drowning accident in the backyard swimming pool of his Atherton home after a party celebrating the end of the school year!

Growing up

Rajeev Motwani was born on March 24, 1962 in the Indian city…

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Forcing on all the FOUR

Today’s post is going to be about a topic I got to speak on in a soft skill training. In order to improve on a right feedback of our presentation and public speaking skills, we were all given few topics out of which I randomly chose one which sounded something related to Enthusiasm. YES..! that is same as Title of the Post : Forcing on all the FOUR.

We were given 45min lunch time meanwhile had to plan our presentation (No ppt. only verbal). Soon after  each  candidate with their selected topics in hand to mull over and to present a 3min talk, the class broke for lunch. I just checked and rechecked the probable meanings of the words from dictionary  over internet. I learned it to be perfectly going with ‘Doing something with full strength’ and what about the number 4 . With the meaning of the words in mind to  mull over the topi I just for lunch.

Yes, I got something , few key points meantime during lunch..!! Here it goes , my speech for 3min.

When I say ‘Forcing on all the four’ what is that probably comes in mind:  a Hollywood action movie? James Bond ? – These are associated with Physical strength, what I wanted convey was about mental strength , mind power and doing the best for success with our goals and dreams.:)


I am here to share 4 key steps for success, which starts from

1. setting a goal- Setting a goal which of our Passion : close to heart , keeps me loving it and finds  interesting to me , challenges me..

2. Get cor clarity of what we expect out of it, at the end of it may be materialistic or immaterial satisfaction to life, why do I do it, gains and losses.

3. Higher clarity leads better planning of the journey, makes it more confident and comfortable.

4. Persistence and perspiration till we actually make it happen not being over confident.

We can better see above points if we associate them with the business Icons, Indian Legends, strategy of a sports expert , technology expert. Even better with the Entrepreneurs. Here I recollect what I read from ‘Qualcomm Equation’ , persistence and clarity of goal set by the founders of Qualcomm made it a big success over years.

This was my speech of 3min for the day..:)Hope you enjoyed reading it now..:)

A thought: Can motivational books inspire one??

Yes..!! I would like to share my thought on : Can motivational books like ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne , ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera , ‘Wings of fire’: an autobiography, lots of books by Robin Sharma and Napolean Hill ,really inspire one and do a successful job of nurturing leadership qualities, brings positive attitude in a person?.. Not only  books for that matter, motivational speech by best of business icons, writers, scientists, a school teacher to students in class..etc..etc..
One day I was just having usual conversation with one of my neighbors : a software engineer by profession. We started sharing about the books we read. just a day before  I had purchased few books , one among those is ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera. So, naturally I mentioned it to him and asked if he likes to read it? . What he said is “It’s all lots of preaching in these books Rekha..!! I don’t like to read them..!!” .

With the incident question started bothering is : How do others get this opinion on which I really find very motivating, highly inspiring and influencing..!? Why the opinion differs ? how and why? .. Just gave some time to think over this.!!! You got my answer here: YES..!! A book, a speech can influence one to the extent to create miracles in one’s life.:):) Let me just support myself..!!

When we read a story, listened a tale from our granny and teachers during childhood we enjoyed so much, even today we enjoy reading a novel ,fictional or non-fictional stories.. But we can’t enjoy reading these motivational books instead finds them boring and preaching irrespective of great narration by biggest motivational speakers of this World.. WHY?

It’s because we won’t visualize what we read as we do it with a story. When we read a story or a novel we try to visualize characters in it, feel them, experience them..So , we enjoy them. Thinking of this analogy with inspirational books, in those books only character is its reader.Complete discussions on points revolve all around him. Its his strong will support the facts in the book.Just try putting in a little more effort in visualizing the things when you read a motivational book or listen something motivational.

Specially what I found with ‘You Can Win’ and ‘The Secret’ is that each and every point they make is strongly supported with the real examples.

I like to share something from ‘You Can Win’ which I recently read:

Two examples given in the book about confidence within us while striving for success and  the other is about struggle to make for it,all that we gain and lessons we learn with it, all at the end we become even more stronger mentally, physically, emotionally to achieve much more.

The first example is on a Aeroplane company: Lockheed introduced a plane. Before its release to ensure the safety and testing the strength of the jetliner , the organization exposed the plane to roughest possible treatment for 18 months, a program that cost $1.5billion. Hydraulic jacks, electronic sensors, and a computer put the aeroplane through its paces for more than 36,000 simulated flights, without any single malfunction. Finally after thousands of tests, aircraft was given the seal of approval.

The point made with this example is the organization had all the reason to be positive to give seal of approval because of all its effort put into the preparation..!!!

So, preparation gives confidence..!! When we take up a risk that means that you are confident of going with it, well prepared to plunge into it and positive about its results. There is similar analogy for risk given by the author is Risk taker v/s a Gambler. A Gambler takes risk without preparation, without being confident but a true winner/risk-taker knows to play with it very well prepared and confident.
The later example I told is about an example given by teacher to his students:

A biology teacher teaching his students how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.I just give gist of it. If we help caterpillar to come out of cocoon without struggling for it on its own, it lacks the strength it gains during the process and dies because of that. So, we shouldn’t depend on or follow shorter ways to achieve  success instead challenge and make it with own efforts. Victory gained with self struggle remains with us and we will be able to retain that with us till the end to make the best out of it.

Don’t you think these lessons, analogies teach us great lessons to make a successful life. What we gain by visualizing ourselves as character of these stories is indispensable and commendable.

Hope the argument makes sense and you enjoyed reading it..:) You are most welcome for any comments and to express your perspective..:) Share  it here.

Set a goal..Set your way to beat it..:) All the best.:)

                                         —- Rekha Govindaraj

Best the Documentation best will be the preparation

When we have to start preparation for a competitive exam, a small test, interview..anything for that matter.. all that we need is what to prepare with to assure that we succeed?

So, all that best preparation comes with best documentation of what to prepare , how to prepare, what to focus more(proritising the things) on.This is what all I want to share today..!!

So long I was a student whose full time job is only to learn and learn than focusing on outcomes. Specially, I was a kind of independet girl always when it comes to studies : Never ..never depend on cooked study materials and I always prepare myself one for me.!! I myself can’t believe that I always used to do this..!!But YES.!! I used..!! Hardly depend on Group studies with friends. Can even say almost no time..!! Good or Bad I used to be that and enjoyed the same. It certainly doesn’t mean I don’t share knowledge , I love doing that and I always do. Sharing knowledge is my pleasure and I search for one to share with many times..!!

Those days I used to spend half of my preparation time in making documentation: lots of research and survey on what I need to focus on to make my preparation smart and best.!! Even today I feel the same!!

I just kicked off with my professional corporate life where in final outcome is more important that what your knowledge is.Here all that we have is lots of resources available but very few guidelines on what you need to know exactly to accomplish your task: the thing is that resource is huge that you will be lost if you try to learn everything. In this scenario we need to be smart worker than a hard worker to lessen our burden and work pressure.

Here I like to quote “Hard work never kills but why to take risk.!!” :):)

It sounds very true to me  in this corporate life. No doubt hard work always pays and we will succeed but once we cross a stage of life we have less time to work hard and we have to accommodate lot many things in the same amount of time as we had in our student lives. So, to make it all that we need is smart work, good people around us to exchange knowledge with. Specially, here all that helps is best documentation of what to focus on and prepare thorough for challenging work tomorrow.

So, all that we need is BEST DOCUMENTATION for the BEST preparations and assured success of that.

You are most welcome share your views and experiences on this. I love to hear from different people, thoughts.

Thank for your time on reading my blog,


Small things that make this World a better place to live.!!

Today many parts of India are determined to eb Drought hit including Bangalore and Agriculture dependent areas of India. Amount of rain fall is reducing Year to Year..!!! If the same continuos, we have no doubt in the Earth turning a Barren land..!! Let us be aware of these and make a little effort towards saving Mother Earth from getting into such a scenario..!!!

Very small changes that we make in our habits can contribute  a great to make our Earth a better place for life and would continue to be a place for survival of life.

After joining my first job, things I observed in a office and my thoughts about how we can change a bit of our habits to contribute towards saving Mother Earth from turning to a barren land.

1. Reducing the usage of tissue papers used in canteen, toilets..etc..

2. Reducing the number of paper cups we use everyday: use metallic plates and cups which are reusable.

3. Avoid unnecessary print-outs and photocopies.Print documents onlt when its necessary and un avoidable. Be concious before giving ‘Print’ option in your printer. Print on both sides of a paper everytime you take a print whihc is not mandatory to be printed on single side: Save paper, there by trees.

4. Limit usage of water.

5. Don’t waste food whether you pay for it or provided free of cost to you.

6. Make sure you switch off lights and Air Conditioner in your work space before you leave: Save electricity.

7. Try to use Company provided mass transport facility than private transport.

8. Take stairs instead of lift : at least when we have a few steps to walk to the destination. Just be little thoughtful before stepping into lift.

9. Make effective and responsible usage of company provided resources specially like papers, plastic, electricity,transport facility, food ..etc..

 Let us be responsible citizens in using free of cost facilities!!!