Best the Documentation best will be the preparation

When we have to start preparation for a competitive exam, a small test, interview..anything for that matter.. all that we need is what to prepare with to assure that we succeed?

So, all that best preparation comes with best documentation of what to prepare , how to prepare, what to focus more(proritising the things) on.This is what all I want to share today..!!

So long I was a student whose full time job is only to learn and learn than focusing on outcomes. Specially, I was a kind of independet girl always when it comes to studies : Never ..never depend on cooked study materials and I always prepare myself one for me.!! I myself can’t believe that I always used to do this..!!But YES.!! I used..!! Hardly depend on Group studies with friends. Can even say almost no time..!! Good or Bad I used to be that and enjoyed the same. It certainly doesn’t mean I don’t share knowledge , I love doing that and I always do. Sharing knowledge is my pleasure and I search for one to share with many times..!!

Those days I used to spend half of my preparation time in making documentation: lots of research and survey on what I need to focus on to make my preparation smart and best.!! Even today I feel the same!!

I just kicked off with my professional corporate life where in final outcome is more important that what your knowledge is.Here all that we have is lots of resources available but very few guidelines on what you need to know exactly to accomplish your task: the thing is that resource is huge that you will be lost if you try to learn everything. In this scenario we need to be smart worker than a hard worker to lessen our burden and work pressure.

Here I like to quote “Hard work never kills but why to take risk.!!” :):)

It sounds very true to me  in this corporate life. No doubt hard work always pays and we will succeed but once we cross a stage of life we have less time to work hard and we have to accommodate lot many things in the same amount of time as we had in our student lives. So, to make it all that we need is smart work, good people around us to exchange knowledge with. Specially, here all that helps is best documentation of what to focus on and prepare thorough for challenging work tomorrow.

So, all that we need is BEST DOCUMENTATION for the BEST preparations and assured success of that.

You are most welcome share your views and experiences on this. I love to hear from different people, thoughts.

Thank for your time on reading my blog,