Small things that make this World a better place to live.!!

Today many parts of India are determined to eb Drought hit including Bangalore and Agriculture dependent areas of India. Amount of rain fall is reducing Year to Year..!!! If the same continuos, we have no doubt in the Earth turning a Barren land..!! Let us be aware of these and make a little effort towards saving Mother Earth from getting into such a scenario..!!!

Very small changes that we make in our habits can contribute  a great to make our Earth a better place for life and would continue to be a place for survival of life.

After joining my first job, things I observed in a office and my thoughts about how we can change a bit of our habits to contribute towards saving Mother Earth from turning to a barren land.

1. Reducing the usage of tissue papers used in canteen, toilets..etc..

2. Reducing the number of paper cups we use everyday: use metallic plates and cups which are reusable.

3. Avoid unnecessary print-outs and photocopies.Print documents onlt when its necessary and un avoidable. Be concious before giving ‘Print’ option in your printer. Print on both sides of a paper everytime you take a print whihc is not mandatory to be printed on single side: Save paper, there by trees.

4. Limit usage of water.

5. Don’t waste food whether you pay for it or provided free of cost to you.

6. Make sure you switch off lights and Air Conditioner in your work space before you leave: Save electricity.

7. Try to use Company provided mass transport facility than private transport.

8. Take stairs instead of lift : at least when we have a few steps to walk to the destination. Just be little thoughtful before stepping into lift.

9. Make effective and responsible usage of company provided resources specially like papers, plastic, electricity,transport facility, food ..etc..

 Let us be responsible citizens in using free of cost facilities!!!

One response to “Small things that make this World a better place to live.!!

  1. really a fantastic post …. i really appreciate u for Small things can make a great difference in order to make this world a better place to live.!!…. even today onwards i to follows these ideas for better environment……

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