Tacts and Tips to write your CV

Curriculum Vitae is an important document for every fresh graduate in hunt of a job , may be a dream job and the first job (CV for a fresher). Most of us often puzzled: What to write ? How to write? Can I write this ? Should I mention this achievement in my CV?

What do recruiter conceive of candidate by looking at CV for first time is very important factor which influences the interview and thus the final decision of recruiter. Your CV is the one which sees your interviewer before you in front of him for interview many a times and most of the  times in these days where recruiters keep an eye on CVs uploaded on internet before you actually be present there for an interview.

Now you have understood how important it is to write an effective CV or Resume (for an experienced candidate).

I would like to share some of important points which help in making your CV. These are based on my experiences, learnt from different sources and my view points. Very important point you need to remember here is every inch of space in your CV is very precious and should be utilized to say about you in a right way as you expect  your interviewer to know you.

1. First and foremost thing you should keep in mind is ‘NO FAKE Information’ on your CV.Never even think of providing any fake information on your education details especially.

2. Mention personal information only as much required by your recruiter. Name, Date of Birth and Contact details (Phone, E-mail and Address). If your job requires you to know specific languages and recruiter is interested to know about it you can give these details, otherwise it’s not necessary.

3. One frequently asked question by many is : Should I write my hobbies?.. I say: Yes, but only if you have really achieved anything appreciable by someone with your hobby, otherwise it’s not necessary. Because not having or having a particular hobby never stops your recruiter from shortlisting the CV. If he is searching anything interested regarding hobbies he would always pose a question in your interview.

4. Don’t give too much information on your family and family members, caste, religion and all.

5.  Keep your points about achievements very brief, effective and impressive with usage of best words in dictionary. Just go through sample CVs speaking the similar achievements/points and try to make them better in your way.  Take extreme care in this portion because this is the part of your CV which catches the eyes of recruiter immediately and so need to be very impressive, sounding better than others.

6. Try to use the words Achievements ,Excellence, technology(If you are targeting a technology company  ), management and leadership (if you are applying management related jobs like HR.. so on.).

6. If you are writing about any of your positions of responsibility held by you, be very careful here.. Write as much best you can and mention the important changes you brought in by your position into the system towards making the system better. Here, you respected others talents, creativity and values is very important, if you have created any such opportunities to others by your position ever you mention them. This adds a great value on your CV.

7.  Be prepared mentally with each and every question that may arise from your every statement in the CV. Be clear and confident in your points.

8. Don’t simply modify your CV for the requirements of you recruiter unless you really have some important point you have to mention to your recruiter honestly. Ex. Changing your areas of expertise for the requirements of recruiter though you are not actually. It’s very dangerous if your recruiter starts screwing on these areas. It leaves very bad impression and possibilities you loose a opportunity meant for you.You may also b puzzled sometimes as which subjects to mention as your area of expertise, you have two options:

A. Mention your your proper areas of interest (favorite/ good at subjects) and prepare well by the time of your interview.

B. Don’t mention any of subjects you can always mention them during your interview based on situation then. Just be bit tactful and smart while answering this question that’s all (I did this).

9. I prefer to keep a CV which is good for your dream offer and be thorough with it. You will find your opportunity today or tomorrow but ultimately you will be happy with what you get instead of modifying yourself to fit in for others requirements.

10. Follow a good format for your CV based on the contents you need to fill in. Go creative here. But don’t decorate your CV unnecessarily with stylish fonts, tables, Page border. Keep it simple, standard (calibri is a good font), professional and use creative, punching wordings about your achievements.

11. One more point to mention. If you are puzzled with your too many achievements to put on CV. Just give your time to think who are going to be your competitors for the job applying. Does the achievement really differentiates yo from others in the queue.. Good.. Go ahead to put it..and clearly mention what is that differentiates you from others you here. Give your valuable time to think and rethink on these points. It helps you a lot with your interview and improving interview skills. It’s important to note here that some of achievements may not differentiate one in terms of betterment but important to make your recruiter notice that you are keenly interested and working towards the areas of your interest and also important for that particular job.

UPDATE: Must read this article:  The 3 Biggest Resume Mistakes .

All the best to all Job hunters..:)  Good luck..:)

Stay confident and Be positive..!!!! your dream opportunity is waiting for only you.

You have any doubts or need suggestions? you are most welcome to comment here and get in touch with me on rekha.graj@gmail.com. Feel free to ask any small thing you feel like because I am also the one who crossed the stage of fresh candidate, facing all interviews hunting for my dream job.