How to be a good friend..

Man is a social animal. We can’t live without friends , relations, family and more importantly a friendly environment. We need people to care for, share with and to live with. Love that we give away is the love that we keep. So, it’s essential to be good to expect good from this world.Be good , Do good.. Good things will follow.

To make this Earth a great place live goodness, peace and love are most essential things.

Here are few things one should possess to be a good friend..I found this article received on my E-mail very important and interesting.Check out yourself..

How to be a good friend

Friends Forever..

How To Be A Good Friend
It is said that people are not calculated according to the number of friends they have, yes, some people they are friends. It is very difficult to have a good friend to others and a reliable everywhere. It will be difficult to win the love, appreciation and trust of others, unless and until you have the basic quality and features as one of being a good friend .
Qualities Of Being A Good Friend
What You Are: —
To be accepted by others around you, do not try to be someone that you do not. Be yourself. Let yourself be known and accepted for the performance of yourself, not for someone that you are not.
Be respectful :–
Know boundaries. Things and you should discuss your treatment with care – your friends may not share this information with anyone, and may not want. She shared it with you – and only you, as you know. For example: If you do not want your love your name, do not push yourself into it. If she named her heart, do not tell anyone else. This is only polite to anyone and everyone dissemination worth the expectation that you will keep the confidence.
Be Honest: —
A dishonest person can have friends around him / her, but not the truth. If you want a good friend to others, it is important to show loyalty to those around you. No broken promises that you make them. Think twice before making your response – whether you can stand up to speak for you. In case if you have promised and could not complete it, be honest to tell them about the whole dilemma.
Are You Dependable: —
You should win the confidence of the people you want to be a good friend. This is only if you can show honest with them. Be loyal. If your friend shares his / her best kept secrets with you, do not let any third person even get suggestions about it. Blabbing secrets to others would result in the loss of your confidence and trust in you. You’ll then be viewed as a backstabber. Remember, trust is the foundation of good friendship. So, do not trust to leave their friends, at any cost.
Listen : —
Hear your friends. Lending an ear to the needs, their emotions, feelings and desires. Without limiting yourself by just listening to them. Show your reaction to anything they say, by gestures. Showing feel will not serve the purpose. Try to empathize their situation.
Shows the time of crisis: —
May be through thick and thin of your life. You should be the first to help you in your time of crisis. For example, if your friend is a hospital, give his / her immediate aid, such as packed in bags, before I do. Do not leave your friends to enjoy himself / themselves in any illegal activities. Special care of your friends who you think was wedged with any type of addiction. Advise that person out of the habit. Whether it’s physical, mental or financial support, allowing the first there, rather than as a last resort.
Leave space: —
The most important aspect, the maximum that people neglect when they want a good friend, the needs of the space friendship. While getting personal with your friends, do not forget to leave a space for him / her. It is very important to maintain the personality of the friendship. Do not be clingy or poor. Give your friend enough time to hang out with others. Him / her space is needed. Not enjoy all the time on the job,he / she does not want to share with you or do not want your participation in it.
How I wish I had a friend like you.
Someone I could tell my troubles to.
Someone who won’t laugh and call me fool.
A good friend like you.

Dedicated to all my friends.

This post is specially dedicated to all my dear friends…:):)

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