The best Morning thoughts..!! Your Bed-coffee..:)

These are best thoughts one can have every morning while waking up to begin a new powerful day..:):) Just like a morning coffee..!!!!!

Are you satisfied with your life?

by Jane Powell
“Your life will always be, to a large extent, what you make it.”
Your life is yours. You own it, and what you make of it is purely up to you. Others may support you in your aspirations, but, in the end, it’s your creation. You are your one and only boss, and with that awareness comes a special responsibility.Once you accept this responsibility and stop waiting around for others to make you happy, you will become unstoppable. There will be no denying you. Your life will change, all becausbof you. So, turn on the green light and go!
Choose Your Audience Wisely. Surround yourself with people who see you and appreciate who you really are. Make it a practice to keep the company of those who only want the very best for you. Stop wasting your time trying to convince those who don’t “get” you or understand your choices in life. You need cheerleaders, not projects.Become a Champion for Yourself. Speak kindly and positively to yourself all the time. Look in a mirror regularly and applaud your successes. (I keep a makeup mirror on my desk for this purpose thanks to Louise Hay). Literally pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Get in the habit of being your own best supporter when things don’t go the way you planned. Tell yourself, “It’s okay, it’s okay, we’re learning and growing every day!”
The opportunity of right nowOpportunity, when combined with effort, brings achievement. Now is when you have the opportunity and now is when you can make the effort.Each moment opens up new possibilities for creating value that can remain in your life long after the moment is gone. Now, on this day, in this place, is one such powerful moment.You could let this day simply pass on by, and take with it all its valuable opportunities. Or, you can get busy and make something of those opportunities.Sure, you can come up with perfectly reasonable excuses for not taking action. Yes, you can let the disappointments and frustrations stop you.Or, you can choose to act on the unique, valuable opportunities that are in front of you right now. Before the value of this day passes you by, you can take hold of that value and make it a permanent part of your life.The opportunities of right now are powerful and valuable, but only if you choose to act on them while they are here. Reach inside, connect solidly with your dreams, let those dreams motivate you to take action, and make the efforts that will bring those dreams to life. 

Wake up every morning with a great hope than you had ever before and start your day..:)

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