Placements at IIT Kharagpur..

I am second year student at IIT Kharagpur . Now it’s placements buzz in campus.

We finished few companies written tests this month. I wrote only for Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. Cv has been submitted to many companies and waiting with fingers crossed.

I just tell you something about written tests I gave. Qualcomm has three different categories of paper for three different profiles (Software, Digital Signal processing and VLSI profiles). I chose to write for VLSI as I am looking for a VLSI job profile and only one write VLSI other than VLSI specialization guys.Paper had very simple questions of electronics(GATE syllabus), aptitude and algorithms section which has most o questions on  sorting algorithms. Aptitude had CAT type of questions(picture matching, venn diagram based questions so on..) and was easy too.

Texas instruments has Aptitude section common (45min paper) and one to choose between s/w and  analog electronics(actually all GATE type questions Networks and Op amps important topics,control systems one simple question on second order system equation ..) . A good GATE ranker can easily make it and aptitude I found bit tough because of poor preparation otherwise easy only with bit of lengthy calculations to do. So need some practice which I lacked the most.

I am Visual Information and  Embedded systems specialization student. We guys are so lucky this time that many companies which didn’t allow last year are enlightened about our specialization and are allowing us.

Now it’s all exams going on in campus so placements has taken a short break and will be starting again from Dec.1st . companies slots list is out now. We are eagerly waiting for those days when we say “I got placed..!!!!!”

I like to wish all my friends sitting for placements this time all the  very best ..:) and with a great hope in myself..:)

Waiting for a dream opportunity in my way.. I wish it all goes well..


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    • In RF 12/13 got placed.. Placements are good.. But core companies are only 2 to 3 for RF… RF students are placed with BEL, Cisco, LnT and some universities.. But not that good as other specializations in EC..If you are interested in RF only go for it..

  1. how are placements for Microelectronics & VLSI Design……i’m interested in vlsi so which iit is good for vlsi course?

  2. How are placements for Microelectronics and VLSI Technology?……….I’m interested in doing M.Tech in VLSI ,so which iit is good for VLSI course…..pls reply

  3. if i don’t get vipes should i take interdiscplinary course in embedded system in iitkgp or should i try for other iit?

  4. Mam i want to be in embedded systems purely. My graduation percentage is 63. Do IITs consider that after GATE and placements at IITs also get affected due to low graduation percentage?Which companies pick embedded students?PLZ ans all questions. I will be thankful to you.

    • Hi Radha,

      As I know.. 60% is sufficient for IIT admission cut-off..Some IITs may ask 65%…Your GATE and Interview performane matter a lot.. Your GATE score matters aftr admission for plaemnts also..So it’s very very important. Do wel with GATE..This is what u can do now.ALl the Best..:)

  5. mam i got selected for M-Tech in instrumentation and signal processing in iit kharagpur.How are the placements related to this field and which companies recruit in dis field?

  6. Hi,
    My AIR-236 and score-795…I have been offered VIPES…Should I try to upgrade it to VLSI if possible…Actually I am really confused…Its sounding equally to me at this moment but these days people are more focussed towards VLSI….Is the scope of Image processing good because I am interested in teaching also so I want to be in the safer side considering placements and teaching both

  7. Hi Ma’am,
    I have been offered CS at IIT Kgp. I want to know about placement scenario of M.Tech CS students there. Can you please help ? If you can, then please tell me how many students have been placed yet ?

  8. hi
    i a senthil. i got iit delhi communication and iit kharagpur is placements for vlsi in it better to take delhi comm for kgp vlsi….

  9. Hi ,
    This is Abhishek
    i have one question , pls help me out

    I have got the offer letter for “M.Tech (Information Technology) , school of Information Technology ” that is in IIT kharagpur .

    I want to ask that whether i would get the degree as the name of
    IIT KGP on it or not ??

    if u can clear it out pls , it will be a great help .

    can you give ur contact num if u dont mind so that i can clear some of my doubts …
    mine is : 09739608256

    or if u have some of ur friends in iit khragpur , who can also tell me about the placements .
    it will be a great help .!!!

    I have submitted the form for upgradation for it to CS .
    ( submitting for upgradation doesn’t mean that my previous offer will be rejected if it does not gets upgraded. right ? )
    Can you tell me what are the placement stats for
    CS and IT in IIT kgp.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for giving time to my queries…..Please have a look at this one also..
    I wrote IES this year and did quite well without giving my 100 percent….I didnt prepare GS,EMI and microwave and EMFT but I am able to get around 250 marks in all the three objectives which I have got to know that it is enough for the subjectives to get checked but not enough to qualify but the fact is I have gained a lot of confidence after giving it and I feel that I can do much better than this next year….I am thinking of dropping from Mtech this year and giving a full try for IES….Is it a good option….
    I have got VIPES at Kharagpur….Done my Btech in 2010 , then worked in IT company for one year …..Presently teaching (Lecturer) in Engineering college….I know these are personal decisions but still like to know your thoughts….The only risk which I feel is 1 yr gap but I have GATE score of 795 valid for next year and presently I am not idle , I am gaining teaching experience…..I am not sure whether I will get some time in 1st year to revise B-Tech topics after joining Mtech ….I dont have to cover the entire course of B-Tech but only some portions which I mentioned earlier……Wt u think pls share…Wt u think of IES as a job…?

  11. ma’m ive been offered telecom system engg at iit kgp ..i wanted 2 know dat can a telecom guy sit for vlsi specialized company like , will i b able 2 sit for texas instruments , intel etc..

    thanx in advance.

  12. Hello ,
    This is Abhishek Jaiswal
    I got 608 rank and 702 GATE score this year from Computer Science .
    I have got the offer of
    Information Technology ( in IIT Kharagpur ) ,
    Computer Science (in IIIT hyderabad) ,
    NITIE Mumbai .

    Currently i have joined NITIE , mumbai
    but my whole profile will be changed from here and i am confused from last 20 days to go where ?
    I am pretty much interested in my technical side but all i wanted to do Computer Science from IIT .

    But now in dilemma to chose which offer , please guide me .
    I have also done job in infosys having 21 months of work-ex .( which will be counted in NITIE ) .
    I need to chose one among them ASAP .
    I hope you would surely help me .

      • hey rekha , or should i try next year for GATE again and try to crack for IIT Bombay , CS … will it be a feasible idea ?
        because if i’ll join IIIT hyd , i can get admission to ACE academy , hyd which is the top coaching classes and which will increase my chances to crack GATE again with better rank … but yes it would take one more year … will it be worth ?

      • ok..U have got in IIIT not IIT.. I thought it’s IIT.. But make sure to give your best and improve ur GATE results next year.. What do u do for a year, it depends on you how u do it..All ur capability at last.. Future can be determined by u only.. Think and decide.. All the best..:)

    • I have got IIT KGP but i wanted CSE ,
      instead of CSE i have got IT ,
      so i asked u whether it will create a difference in terms of placements and profiles ?

  13. hi Rekha,

    I am joining IIT-kgp for M.Tech in Aerospace Engg. in late July. Can u tell me about the placement package trend for AE. Also, can u plz tell me about the exact stipend we get in hand p.m.
    Looking forward to join such a great institute. 🙂

    Thanks and Regards,

  14. hi rekha….iam studying in DA-IICT college in VLSI specialization. For my clloge QUALCOMM in comming on monday for electronics and communication. So please tell me what are concepts i have to concentrate for my WRITTEN TEST.

      • I am very much grateful for your quick reply and happy belated Independence day 🙂

        Again to bother you I have few more queries.

        Could you please name few top companies recruited VLSI Mtech student from IIT Kgp including government PSUs.Also which you think is the second best course for an ECE student apart from VLSI & Communication.

        Again thanx lot for the motivation……….

  15. madam, i m appearing gate 2013 in CS. i hav heard CS placement in at IITKGP R not as good as IITB OR IITM. GOOGLE ,MICROSOFT only recruit n dual guys…is it true? plz reply

  16. hi mam
    i m preparing for gate days PSUs are also taking from GATE..i want to know whether it is good to join PSU or do in IIT if u hav the opportunity to do any one.
    Plz reply.thank u in advance

    • Hi Sudam,

      I can suggest this..
      Choice depends on ur score.. If u get very good score so that U get most coveted IIT branch and specialisation and a very good with ur acads.. Go with higher studies. U wil have a long way to go and broaden ur scope..
      If ur score is jst sufficient enough to get into PSU and u r not very confident of doing well as a student in most competitive IIT environment.. Jst go with PSU job..

      But its always good to have higher degrees at smaller age , it also helps u in long run for sure provided U r a good performer wherever u r..
      Hope I answered your question..


  17. hi rekha
    I ve one small questions regarding IIT placements….salaries offered to btech and Mtechs(through JEE) is much higher than Mtechs(thru GATE)…what is the reason??? But in universities in US and europe offer 28% salry higher to mtech than Btechs………….!!!!!!

  18. your blog is really wonderful,could you please specify the highest ctc that was offered and also the package that intel is offered.Its really nice of you to help so many people…thank you so so much:)

  19. Hello

    First of all congrats!! for ur placements 🙂 Really enjoyed reading your blog.

    My name is Rohan. I am a final year student BE in EEE.
    For the last two years I have been working on a nano satellite project and a robotic project, in Bangalore. Hoping to continue for a year, as a Research associate(horrible salary).

    I have been involved in PCB design, Power system design, ARM M4, Interfacing, Simulations….etc
    So now, my family and friends ask me…. well actually mock me on my placements
    I am not willing to go into IT….

    I want to get into IIt for a Mtech in Embedded. Can you please tell me the best iit for that? and what kind of academic and professional background do they expect?
    Except Gate, is there anything else i have to be worried about? like interviews or written tests, for the admission into IIT?

    Thank you for yor time 🙂

    • Hi Rohan,

      Its good to know ur interest.. get well with GATE score and be confident of subject and core concepts. Then, rest all happen automatically.. U get some time after GATE.. During the period prepare well for interviews and concentrate first on GATE only and be thorough with concepts..:)
      All the best.:)

      • IIT bombay and IITkgp are good.. IITKgp embedded systems has no much content for embedded systems..Its a total mixture of many subjects again..!!but ,there is large scope for opportunities in different areas right form total s/w to core complete h/w..I don’t have much info in this as myself was more interested with digital VLSI, not much into embedded systems.. but,as u already have good experience in the area,VIES at IItkgp is also good for u to get opportunity of ur interest.. just pursue ur passion..!! IITkgp and IITB are good for embedded systems as to conclude my opinion..All the best

    • I thnk its good to go with interest and do the best whatever you choose.. You have plenty of opportunities..
      As I knw, VLSI packages are good as demand for silicon products and cmplexity od design, competition are always high.. But, at the end all it matters hw good u are at with the subject of ur interest..I recommend always go with interest, opportunity follows.. not the other way..!!
      All the best.:)

  20. i want to know about placement in Industrial engg and management in iit-kgp for it worth to do that course,can u provide me the cut off for gate score in IEM branch 2012-13.

  21. mam this year i got 60/100 in gate from ece.
    air- 838
    cat- OBC
    is there any chance of getting iit with a good branch ?

  22. hello mam i am doing mtech in digital systems from nit allahabad and this is my first year this year i appeared in gate 2013 ec paper and i got 423 rank ——now i am very confused whether i should apply in iit or not and if i got admission whether i should go or not because it is a matter of one year mtech which will be wasted——i am 2011 pass out——-plzzzz give some suggestion and i am also not interested in this specialization also—-

    • Hi Bharath,

      I don’t think its good idea to switch Institute now..! anyways this score on ur resume would help you.. and this onwards, your knowledge and hardwork can definitely fill the gap of NIT and IIT in a span of 1yr career.. Work hard, set your goal and do the best with current position. I suggest not to change, do mention this score in ur resume and prepare very well for placements and interviews.. you can combat the difference of that brand ..:)
      ALl the best.:):)

      • Hii mam thanx for ur i have read on iit kgp site that in 2nd year we can enrol for phd in that case i think phd will be completed in 3 years after mtech bt if i apply next year for phd den 4 years will be required nd also it will be not sure that i will get through test nd if i am doing dis again i am saving one year wat u suggest mam..?

  23. One more here in this specialization there is no study environment..i am justing adding pg degree without ny knowledge..also i m not interested in this specialization..i am more interested in microwave nd commn..dont u think mam if i complete mah mtech with out ny knowledge nd interest this will create problem in my future?

  24. hi mam..i’ve got 292 rank and my score is 544 in gate 2013 in Instrumentation (IN)…is there any possibility of getting a good NIT..Also please suggest me some good specializations….i want to go in teaching profession after my higher study.

  25. hi mam..i’ve jst cleared my GATE exam with AIR 65 in MINING.I jst want to know whats the highest package being offered to M.Tech MINING students of IIT kh. and what’s the probability of being placed …???

  26. Hello……i am planning to do m tech under ee department….pls tell me whether control systems or machine drives or else power systems will be better in terms of job oppertunities

  27. Hi mam..
    My gate rank is 511 and gate score is 676.
    Can i expect a call from IIT kharagpur in VLSI? I heard that there are no interviews this time? Is it correct?
    And if i didn’t get vlsi then what are the other options?

  28. hi mam.
    i have scored 652 gate score with rank 755 in area of interest is commmunication systems for which iit i should apply? is new iits are good ?
    is there is a huge difference in package in iit and nitie mumbai.
    will it be good to join nitie for an ece student

  29. hello..

    i have secured a gate score of 568 with a rank of 2487 .. is it possible to get admission in industrial engg. or solid state technology..
    waiting 4 reply soon…

  30. Hello everyone,I request thse who read this to read this fully and not ignore this,I am currently doing my 3rd year B.E in E&I in MIT.When taking this course I thought that instrumentation includes wonderful subjects like robotics,embedded systems etc,only now I realise that my life is doomed I have been burning in boiler temperature and pressure..It has become so bad that when I here the word temperature,pressure,flow and level I want to jump at a speeding train….anyway the department seems to slightly touch upon microprocessors(just the basics) and I have been doing robotics project from my 4th sem(just simple linefollower,object follower using image processing,and grid solver robot using arduino) and so far though the code I ve’ written is perfect but every project ****** up due to hardware problems and due to the lack of any guidance…bcoz everyone in my dep hardly knows any robotics on image proc or embedded….and currently I am doing a hand gesture based wheelchair which is funded project and expecting it to **** up soon….as I am doing it myself…Now enough complaining.Please help me which of the iits has robotics or embedded systems course none of it seems to have in the brochure….I am dreaming to do research in the area of robotics,AI,embedded systems,computer vision atleast anyone of them….My department forces me to work in the direction that would bring me back to the burning boiler….Yet I want to break free from my “instrumentation” the word that is allergic to me….I love control i.e to be exact emdedding control algorithms in an ARM processor and building a superhuman robot that sorta thing…and I love coding very much…Now my ques is
    to get into iits can I write GATE Instru Eng for getting into a robotics field???and should I stop wasting my time on projects and prepare fully for GATE??? I consider GATE the only key to salvation…Please reply and if u cant give the approporiate answer please direct me to a forum that can answer my ques….

  31. hello ma’am
    i got 188 rank in EC (gen) & 730 score…..
    ma’am what are my chances for iitkgp in VIES….
    moreover ,, i’m interested in a branch which wd expose me to h/w part of electronics,,,,
    what shd i choose ….
    also give me sm info regarding placement of VIES n Telecomn ..

  32. Hello Mam,
    I got 127 rank in IN and 608 score….
    What are my chances in IIT Kharagpur…
    I also want to know about placement of M.Tech. for IN students…

  33. Hello Didi,
    I have given gate 2013 and secured 934 rank i am trying to get admission in nits but i am confused between branch selection. Whether to go for vlsi or to communication. i am fond to both the subjects. But can you tell me future scope for respective branch.

  34. hello,

    can you please tell me the placement scenario of biotech biochemical engg, medical technology and agricultural food engineering technology? also how much salary one gets? a rough estimate of the statistics of no of placed students will be extremely helpful

    thanking you
    Sayantan Ghosh

    • Placements are not as great as 100%, but M.Tech. , IIT opens lot many opportunities in the field and also in other finance, management related ones if you are interested. And Top/quality candidates get placed with a descent package not very high (6-8lakhs). And companies visiting the campus varies over year-year. So, difficult to predict and definitely IIT degree is worth pursuing and makes difference to career opportunities but to grab them is in our hands..:)
      All the best..

  35. could u guide us through the placements of Computer science field also for PG, and it would be really helpful if u throw some light on the workloads of MTech CSE student.

  36. mam,i have been offered m-tech in “Medical Imaging and Informatics” at iit kgp.what are the scopes and howz the placement in the previous years.??

  37. Mam, i got a interview call letter for in Industrial Management but i have done my from information technology. Whether i go for it or look for lower iit ??

  38. hi. i got vipes in kgp my rank is 97 air….. i may get communication in iitm… what do you think is better chance…. i may also get vlsi (a narrow chance ) in iit kgp…what is better in terms of placements

    • Choose according to our interest… placement wise all the three are good.. very small discrepancies may be but not significant.. Your performance aftr joining is wat is more imp. where ur interest plays major role..Check out courses in each of spectn. and dept.s .. and decide..

  39. have to choose between VLSI at IIT kanpur and VLSI at IIT KGP…which one to choose in terms of placement???

  40. Hi Rekha. Abhishek here. Nice blog. And I see you are offering guidance and help to lot of folks who are in dilemma about which course or which IIT to go for.
    Good work 🙂
    I also keep getting these kind of comments. Many times I don’t know the answers or I am not aware of the current situations, rankings, etc. of the courses & IITs. I’ll redirect the people to this post in such cases. Hope it is fine.
    Hows life otherwise?

    • Hi Abhishek,
      yes..Its absolutely fine. I will be more than happy to guide them the best way I can. Yeah, even I feel my experience and knowledge is getting outdated and not aware of many courses. But, I can only try my best. I either suggest them few thumb rules to follow or redirect to Kgp contacts.:)
      Life is going good.. Enjoying ..Thanks.
      Hope you are doing great as well.:)

  41. hi mam, my rank is 203(gen) and score 727 what are the chances for me in vipes ,what about placement in microwave and telecomm

    • There are good chances to get VIPES.. placements are equally good as with VLSI for Telecom .. Microwave not that good as anyone would intend to stick to core job opportunities and opportunities are not so plenty..

  42. have got vlsi @ iith…and got offer frm kgp in rf but not interested want upgradation to vipes…but 2 accept kgp offer have 2 cancel my iith offer ! what are my chances for upgradation ? ( ECE,AIR-229,GEN )

  43. I have got two offers for M.Tech
    1. M.Tech in Computer Science in IIT Guwahati
    2. M.Tech in (School of Information Technology) in IIT kharagpur

    Can u please guide me, which one is better
    I have searched the internet but found no information regarding this.
    Please help me

  44. please name some companies hiring telecom people….
    and if i m interested in vlsi should i go to iit bhu ….leaving telecom in iit kgp??
    thanx in advance 🙂

  45. hi. i got kgp vlsi….what is the avg package can u please mention…i am a bit confused to join kgp or psus

      • hmmm.. actually i got vdtt(sponsored by internal project of iit-d) and have a fair chance to get vlsi @kgp.. kgp is not very far from my home, as I belong to W.B… Again placmnt in iit-d is sometimes better!!! so i am in terrible predicamnt in selecting my institute!!!

  46. Hi madam…
    I got offer from kgp for telecommunications… how is the course. ?.
    Can u please share the placement stats like the avg pay, percentage placed and usual companies hirin telecom guys…
    I have offers in vlsi from roorkee and guwahati.. and
    I have interst towards vlsi too.. which u think wud b the best option for me….
    Thanks in advance..

    • if you are interested in can choose IITG/R.. telecom placements and course more inclined to s/w though VLSI companies recruit them..please check course details/individual subjects on respective websites and you will be able to decide better..

  47. hai mam,
    i have been offered vipes ,what is placement statistics in this year i.e 2013(out of number of students number of students got placed)?is it compulsary to have knowledge C language and data structures before joining?

    • Placements is almost 100%.. 2-3 out of 25 were not placed but still managed off-campus..
      its not compulsory to kne C or datastructure .. but you will have to study them hard.. check with your seniors there.. those guys had similar queries..:)
      All the best.:)

  48. hello mam, i want to do in cse from iit .i have passed in cs with 74 percent. Please tell me for getting admission and specially placement in the end, what criteria needed for 10 and 10+2 ? I don’t have 60 percent in 10+2 unfortunately..
    (I knw that good gate score required). Hope i will get answer. Thanks.

    • Yeah.. many companies have that criteria of 60% through out academics..Yeah it does affect to some extent but that is something that you can’t help with now.. Unfortunately IITs admission also has this criteria. but that don’t think it as a roadblock to find your dream job.. At time same time there are good no. of companies having 55% as criteria..especially with CS dept.. that is not a great deal..and having <60% or more would not matter in long run… Get GATE score and choose a better IIT/Insti..
      Go ahead, do better and achieve more ,that is more appreciated and will be recognized more than having never seen downs in your path.

      Cheers ,
      All the best..:)

  49. mam,
    what about the placements in agriculture and food processing in M. tech programme
    pl. as early as possible

    I should go for biotechnology in iit guwahati…….


    • You should believe in your gut instinct. decide based on your own interest and strengths. If you are specific about working in VLSI domain you may prefer higher studies. If you are very curious of IIT campus and stay you can go for higher studies. Othrwise I don’t see much difference..
      i feel work experience is more valuable thinking in terms of career, if you think you will be happy with the work you get to do in hpcl..

  50. Hi I am called for instrumentation and signal processing and control systems at IIT KGP. How are the placements(which has higher placements) for both these courses and which one to prefer among these (I am from electrical and would like to learn something new… in electronics domain).

  51. i(EC background) got selected in vipes @IITKGP and in vdtt (sponsored by internal project) @IITD..
    where shud I go?? I dont hv any preferences for streams!! I want to go for Job after completition of MTech… so what’s ur suggestion?

  52. hello maam,
    i have been offered Industrial engineering and management in IIT KGP..Please let me know about the placements in this Branch..i need to confirm my admission by 9th of july !
    Thank you 🙂

  53. hello mam,

    Iam siva. I got AIR-229 ,EC in gate 2013.

    At present i got RFDT in IIT DELHI, RF & MICROWAVE in IIT KHARAGPUR and VLSI in IIT HYDERABAD( new iit)….

    Iam in a bit confusion of what to choose…..

    If i want to work in isro and drdo in future,,,,which specialisation matters much in that…

    or in order to get entered into isro, just cracking their exam is enough without specialisation importance or specialisation do matters in selection……

    please suggest me all your opinions regarding this……

  54. mam,i have done btech and now working with tata steel, having good salary,but also want to have a degree (or u can say brand name) of iit. Should i cont.. with my job or i should left this and go for gate. I have work experience of almost one and a half year now, i want to cont with core job only,looking for psu but not yet tried.My question is ,is having degree from iit affect my selection at psu or ies,because u know that ece is having very-2 less no. of seats in psu,or if i will clear their written exams and interview will make enough for the selection pls give your views ,i m waiting . as your suggestions are very good so,pls give me some idea as a senior.

    • This is very difficult question for an alien person like me to answer as it more subjective and you are the has to determine what you want.. get clarity about what you want.. All that I can say is IIT degree may benefit .. but, meanwhile instead preparation for GATE-> IIT admissoion->IIT acads->agn PSU exam… which is not so worth as the journey is too long.. Instead give best shot for PSU exam and inrerview..You can prove your caliber , no need of IIT explicitly…OR you are determined for higher studies and master degree, go with GATE and IIT ..

      All the best,

  55. rekha mam, i have question to you. after compleating in cse, if i have 2 years experience in IT industry then i go for in iit,can i get extra benefit for admission and placement time if i don’t have 60 percentage in 12th standard and will iit accept 2years gap after Please reply.

  56. i am doing preparation for gate.but i have 2+ years gap after i have good gate score,will there be any problem for admission in any IIT/NIT?

  57. Hi Rekha…i m doing my btech in biotechnology.can u tell me the job scopes after doing mtech from iits and which iit is better to do mtech in biotechnology?

    • Hi Subhalaxmi,

      I don’t know much about biotech job opportunities… As I knw most of my batchmates from IITkgp joined teaching profession or higher studies.. Please find out about IITBombay, Madras and delhi as these IITs are located in main cities of India, opportunities suppose to be better..I don’t wanna lead you to have pessimistic view or simply provide you some estimated info.. I strongly recommend that you find out with students in other IITs personally and respective websites.

  58. Hi Rekha,
    Does only IITKGP offer mtech in embedded system? Referring to a previous post above you said that IITB also does. But I don’t see any mtech course listed for embedded systems on IITB website(so what am I missing?) Also, apparently this year IITKGP has launched another course named “Embedded Control and Software”. Can you please tell me about the placement opportunities regarding the same and also do we get mtech degree for this course? Thank you in advance….

    • Did I say IITB has it? I am not sure. yeah.placements are good with VIES.. Asses by the subjects you study, never by the ‘Specialization title’..check the subjects on respective website..
      All the best.:)

  59. Hi Rekha,
    This is Naresh.I am thinking to take digital signal processing as my course at iit’s.Does this course have good placements??Please get to me asap.

    Thank you in advance.

  60. Hi Rekha,

    I am M.Tech. VLSI student of IIIT, Hyderabad very keen in going for ASIC verification department. IIIT doesn’t have much of companies coming up. Can you tell me how to apply in the companies den? Also, can you suggest me how to go about preparing for placements for different companies? Recently, I have applied in S.T. nd xpecting a telephonic interview call. Also, Vittesse Semiconductor is cuming next week. What do you say about dis cmpny?

    Thanks in advance

    • regarding preparation- there is already lots of it shared on the blog!
      How to apply- apply from careers ,be active on linkdn, naukri. so on.. following is the only way! if you know anyone inside a company – ask if they can refer!

  61. hi rekha mam,

    i have scored AIR 171 in GATE 2014 with GATE score 863.according to 2013 stats the cutoff gate score for VLSI at IIT kgp is 730 what are my chances for VLSI at IIT KGP this year.also what to choose for 2nd & 3rd preferences in order telecom/VIPES keeping in mind the placement statistics.what kind of job profile is offered to telecom/VIPES candidates.i am mainly intrested in electronics/hardware oriented related job after mtech…not much of software domain.
    i am a DCE 2k13 graduate in ECE(79 %)with 6 months internship experience from synopsys in memory design deptt.also i have made up my mind that i will pursue my masters in VLSI only to the extent possible not any other field.

    do top semiconductor companies like qualcomm.nvidia,intel,ARM,freescale,cadence,TI,ST,cypress etc. allow mtech students from telecom/VIPES field.

    so please suggest your views on choosing preferences.also plz name some companies which recruit telecom/VIPES mtech students.

    thanks in advance for your support.

  62. Hi Rekha,
    My name is Mohan, passed out in 2009 from Electrical. Currently i am working with an IT company but i want to come back to my core filed i.e, Electrical. I have secured a gate rank of AIR: 830 and my Gate score is :688. I would like to appy for all the IITs and NITs. My question is as i have been working on the IT side all these years will this affect my placements if i do my Metch in IIT/NIT or any other institute. Will the companies consider only the students who doesn’t have much gap after their B.Tech? Please suggest and clear my doubts.


  63. mam i would like to know about the placements of industrial engineering(m tech) and reliability engg(m tech) from iitkgp…..what is the avg package offered for these 2 courses…thanks in advance 🙂

    • you can go for it…bt dnt xpect 100% placement.(about 60-65% for 2013).. bt if u are lucky enough thn u may get a chance to do internship at intel or ge like companies in ur final yr…

  64. hi i got direct admission offer from iit kgp for instrumentation and signal processing. How is the placement for this course? future prospects?

  65. hi mam
    i got selected in nitie mumbai,iit delhi in opto electronics & optical communication,and iit kanpur in microwave engg. .
    which one should i select,pls suggest me,i am so much confused..:-(((

  66. Hai Rekha,

    Please do reply. I want to make a decision. How good is M.Tech in instrumentation and signal processing at iit kgp (ee department). I am interested in signal processing. How are the placements for the course and what M.Techs in this course do afterwards.

  67. Hi sister how r u ?? Well My query is abt eligibility for placement …throughout acedemics I got
    10th -76%
    Engineering -67
    Gate Rank -34 (All India rank )
    I’m I eligible to sit vlsi core companies with this acedemic records ..

  68. mam,i have been offered m-
    tech in “Medical Imaging and
    Informatics” at iit kgp.what
    are the scopes and howz the
    placement in the previous

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