Twin days jubilation @ IITkgp(21st and 22nd of Aug.2011)

Our institute, IITkgp celebrated two occasions on two consecutive days, so I want to call them  as  ‘Twin days of  jubilation’.

Two occasions were ‘Diamond Jubilee of Institute‘ and ’57th Convocation’.

Diamond Jubilee is successful completion of 60 years(1951-2011) of the largest, glorious and most prestigious Institute of India. I feel so proud  be part of such an Institute and to be part of this memorable celebration of success.

Every years thousands of engineers,Research scholars,Entrepreneurs are precious resource that Institute contributes to the Nation.

On the day IITkgp ha put up 2011 largest wall calendar which consists of all current and 2011 convocation students on it arranged according to respective Birthdays. It was an appreciable, innovative, exiting idea and so great about the creater.It was an indispensable moment to search and locate our photos on the calendar..:):)

Celebration of the day started with Diamond jubilee Curtain raising in evening , then ETMS(Eastern Technology Music Society) and TDS(Technology Dance Society) production followed by Laser show by MIT .

It was awesome fun that full evening along with special dinner at night.Specialty about this Convocation special dinner is that all the hostels of Institute will prepare same menu and it’s time to show their mess food quality and different tastes.students cam have their food in any of Hall food stalls. Moreover it’s like Reunion for all senior batch students and all students of institute get together for dinner.

2011 largest wall calendar at IITkgp.

Diamond jubilee curtain Raising program

Reunion Dinner Hall counters

All students had lots of fun..:)I specially thank Institute and the designer for the B’day calendar.It was a biggest surprise to see our photos on the largest wall calendar and a pleasure to search our own and friends’ photos..:)

Next day (22th Aug.2011)it was all a greatest moment of  joy to all 2011 passed out IITkgp studentsi.e Convocation.Every lane has banner “Welcome Degree Recipients to 57th Convocation of the Institute”.I can’t just have no words to describe joy and happiness  on the day  for degree recipients.

Dr.Manmohan Singh,Prime Minister of India was Chief guest for Convocation day.I have shared some of pics captures around campus ,ready to welcome Prime Minister.Military force, heli-captors in campus.Meanwhile I could meet many of my seniors after a long time and had quality time with some of them.I thank them for their time with us..:)

infront of TOAT

Convocation was arranged in Tagore Open Air Theater(TOAT). There was live telecasting of the event in all hostels and auditoriums in campus(Nehru and Raman Auditoriums),only Degree recipients along with two other companions with them were allowed inside theater. Some of streets were blocked for security and discipline in campus in presence of PM at IITkgp.

For more photos check out this link.

Finally all  joy of celebration should come to an end. By evening everything in campus was back to normal.Again a day began back to as usual day to day IIT life.

Even after 60 years of it’s foundation, IIT kharagpur is th largest and glorious Institute of India. I feel so proud to part of the Institute specially to stay here during Diamond Jubilee of Institute.

Proud to say “I am an IITkgpian”

Friendship day special: Simple steganography to share secret information

Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity. The word steganography is of Greek origin and means “concealed writing” from the Greek words steganos meaning “covered or protected”, and graphei  meaning “writing”.

Let us see how we can do simple steganography if you wanna hide a secret note for ur secret buddies.Also can share some files hiding in JPEG image file.

Technical funda behind it is we can merge two file contents by in JPEG by copying contents of one file to another in BINARY format.Few commands in command prompt will do it.

To hide your text message in image type this command line:

copy /b filename1.jpg+filename2.txt steganimage.jpg

To hide Zip file contents in image this is command to be used:

copy /b steganimage1.jpg

Note: While opening file Use ‘Open with’ option and open with ‘Notepad’ and ‘Win Zip’ 0r ‘WinRar’ .

Check this :

copy /b  final_Winzip.jpg

NOTE: You should be in directory where the image files and zip files are located













Very Happy friendship day..:)

Enjoy sharing:)